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Blue Monday got you down? Get back on the Resolution Wagon!

Blue Monday is often described as the third Monday of January, and many claim that it’s the “saddest day of the year” - where the pressure of holiday debt, failed new year’s resolutions and looming work deadlines combine with cold, damp, snowy or slushy weather and grey skies.


Whether you believe in the existence of Blue Monday or not, usually by now many people have already fallen off the motivation wagon in terms of fulfilling their resolutions or goals. the great thing is: you still have 49 weeks of the year left, and corsets can help jump start small, manageable changes to your lifestyle.

Without further ado, some of the most popular new year’s resolutions, and how a corset can help:


Work more efficiently.


Ergonomics is based around how your body position and posture can affect your health, well-being and productivity. If you’re sitting properly, you can avoid joint strain, prevent pain, and thereby work longer and focus better on your work. Wearing a corset helps keep your posture upright, and encourages your shoulders and hips to remain balanced. The corset may be a distraction at first, but when laced loosely it can encourage you to not cross your legs, to keep your spine aligned and facing your work directly instead of twisting from one side to the other. You might not think it’s doing much, but a 1% improvement each day can build up quite a lot over time!


Take better control of my health.


We’ve talked about the “Corset Diet” before, but as you already know, corsets aren’t just about losing weight. Wearing a corset can make you more mindful of what you are eating and how that food makes you feel. If you want a discrete core exercise at work, you can also practice pulling your abs away from the front wall of the corset for a few seconds, and relaxing again, building up your seconds and trying to pull your belly button further away from the corset each time. Nobody will even notice you’re doing it!


Take better pride in the way I look.


I’ve been hearing this resolution more often among students and mothers - when you have no strict business dress code to adhere to, it’s easy to become complacent about the way you dress.

I personally love Fly Lady's idea of “getting dressed to the shoes” every day - even on days where you don’t intend to leave the house, getting fully dressed is a good start to your day and get into “work mode” - if you have to run out unexpectedly, you’re always ready.


For some people, putting on a bra or their shoes is the finishing touch to getting ready for the day. For others, it’s corsets. A versatile corset that can be worn over or under your clothing - it’s a luxury item, a way for you to treat yourself every time you wear it.

My interest in corsets led to my interest in other fashion - wearing skirts, trying winged eyeliner, finding fun and simple up-dos. It’s influenced my style and helped me take pride in how I presented myself. Out of the fun of fashion, I developed a better appreciation and relationship with my own figure, and began to love myself more. Even though that was not one of my original resolutions, it was a fantastic thing to gain nonetheless - something that no Blue Monday could touch.


Have corsets help you achieve any of your new year's resolutions, in expected or unexpected ways? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Fun and Festive Holiday-Themed Corset Ideas!

December is here, and we all know what that means - carols, decorations, and the general hubbub of the malls as people finish their holiday shopping. If you’re looking for that perfect festive corset, shop in the comfort of your own home and be the best dressed at your holiday party this year.


Must Be Santa

Ruby velvet corset - you know we couldn’t have a holiday-themed list without mentioning Old Saint Nick! This ruby velvet corset has a wonderfully fuzzy to keep your torso warm during the coldest months, and it’s super easy to sew some white trim on the top and bottom of the corset to match your red and white hat! (If you don’t want to replace the binding completely, you can use safety pins to cover the binding with white trim too.) Wear over an oversized “Ugly Christmas Sweater” dress, or even over comfy red adult onesie pajamas as a cozy fashion statement around the tree this year.



If you think of yourself as more the “green elf” type, Timeless Trends has 16 different green corsets. 5 of them I’ve covered this past March for St. Paddy’ s day, and I think the Green Shimmer waist cincher is a beautiful dark shade with some real depth, which would look beautiful over a little black dress both during the holiday season and beyond.


Another option would be this beautiful Green White Lace corset - while the lace is actually flowers, it’s easy to reimagine them as snowflakes, making a lovely frosty wintergreen piece which would be perfect to wear while you sit cozy inside on late December evenings, making hot cocoa and teaching the kids to make paper snowflakes.


Let It Snow

I love the Ice Metal Corset - the fabric print seems almost multidimensional, and it shines a cool, almost blue-hued silver, while cream areas running through it warms the color a bit. Because of the multiple subtle shades of spots in this corset, it provides just enough contrast that it can be worn over white, cream and grey outfits, which can’t be said of other styles! The other great part is that this piece is on sale, only $118 (marked down from $139). This particular style will not be restocked, so don’t wait too long to decide if you want it!


Silver and Gold

One thing I love about yuletide is how everything looks so regal and gilded. Tinsel, bells, baubles, etc. usually in shiny shades of silver and gold. So why not have a corset to match?

This White Silver Floral corset is one of Timeless Trends’ newer styles, in stock just in time for the holidays. As with all brocades, it’s fused directly to the strength fabric so it’s not going to form unattactive bubbles or wrinkles even if you wear it all through December.


Also available is this elegant gold underbust with frosty white lace overlay, a perfect accessory for your little black dress at a holiday party. As always, Timeless Trends backs all these corsets with their lifetime guarantee.


Which corset is your favorite for ringing in the new year? Let us know in a comment below!

5 Foods I Avoid when wearing a Corset

For some lucky people, they can cinch down considerably in the waist and not have it affect their digestion at all - but for people like myself, you may feel a competition for space in your digestive tract when wearing a corset, and you will quickly learn that some foods make you feel alright when corseted, and some other foods not so much. Here’s a list of food and beverages that I tend to avoid when corseted - your list may be different, longer, shorter, or you may not have a list at all. What works for me might not work for you - so I highly encourage you to leave a comment below and share your own experiences with other readers.


Heavy fried foods

Foods that are very dense, heavy, and greasy tend to not make my stomach feel that well - and whatever indigestion I feel out of a corset seems to be multiplied while in a corset. Fats can be beneficial for both triggering the “full” signal in your stomach, and also providing essential nutrients if they’re the right type of fat - I don’t shy away from a drizzle of olive oil, or some sliced avocado. But the processed fried foods are one thing I avoid, when possible.


Carbonated drinks

When you put on a corset, your stomach capacity is typically reduced, and fizzy drinks tend to cause your stomach to expand and make you bloat with gas. This might be rectified in time by burping, of course, but until that happens, you may feel quite uncomfortable or even nauseated - and while burping is a very natural bodily function, some situations may call for better manners, in which case carbonated beverages may be best left untouched.



This one is specific for me, because I am slightly lactose intolerant. It depends on the food for me, and obviously whether dairy affects you at all depends on the individual - but if any food tends to make my insides cramp and bloat without a corset, I eventually become conditioned to avoid that food (especially so in a corset).


Artificial sweeteners

Some artificial sweeteners like sucralose, maltitol and xylitol may not be fully absorbed by the body, and a considerable amount can stay in your intestines. These sugar substitutes (unlike some other sweeteners like Stevia) also have a common property that causes them to attract water molecules all around themselves, causing bloating and… well, let’s just say a very fast-moving digestive system. If you don’t want to conceivably read the Lord of the Rings trilogy in the bathroom, then it’s even a better idea to avoid it when corseted.



I know that there are some coffee enthusiasts out there that wouldn’t dare give up their morning cuppa! You’re welcome to keep it if it doesn’t bother you. I stick to weak teas, as coffee gives me stomach cramps. Remember that caffeine is a stimulant, and your enteric nervous system (all the nerves that line your gut) is called your “second brain” for a reason! So if you notice that your insides are a little jumpy or your digestion moves along a little faster after a cup of Joe, this might be why.


Now, you might be thinking - what do I eat? In the morning, I love starting with a protein smoothie or fruit salad. Around this time of year when it’s getting cooler, I like having leftover soup or stew for lunch, or a hearty salad perhaps with chunks of chicken (optional if you’re vegetarian). For dinner, I can’t go wrong with stew or stir-fry. Stews can be made in a crock-pot, and other meals like stir-fry cook up quite quickly. Smoothies and salads often require no cooking at all. When I find meals that work really well with my busy schedule and corset training, I often end up making the same style of meal over and over.


Of course, this is just what I do! You need to do what’s best for you. So what do you eat when corseted, and what do you avoid? Let us know in a comment below!

Timeless Trends Clearance Corsets: Your Questions Answered

If you keep up with Timeless Trends on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll know that they introduce a new corset style every single week and have a special promotion on that corset (usually for 10% off). But did you know that Timeless Trends also has sale and clearance items all the time?


With over 200 colors and styles to choose from, sometimes TT needs to clear out the old stock, which means savings of up to 25% for you on certain styles and accessories.


But I know that some of you are suspicious. Why are some of them so deeply discounted? Do they have structural flaws?


The Pocahontas Velvet Corset ($84, discounted from $112) is one example of a clearance corset that is prone to superficial wear, since the white print can rub off. Timeless Trends clearly states this in the description of each corset, as well as letting you know whether the corset is still protected under the lifetime guarantee.


Some corset styles are simply not as flashy as others, and may not have sold that well next to more popular styles. The blue cotton corset and dark pink cotton corset (both $96, discounted from $112) were a great idea because many people like to have the breathability and natural fiber content of an all-cotton corset, but they also might want a splash of color. However with the introduction of the dyeable white cotton corset, people can now have a corset in whatever color they wish, or can even make ombre and gradient effects by dip-dying! These corsets also have white cotton binding so it matches the rest of the corset, no matter which way you color it.


On a couple of different occasions, I had been working on a sewing project and found that I had to buy more of the same fabric (to cut a new piece if the first one got damaged, or to make accessories, or because I had underestimated how much fabric I needed) - but even though that extra fabric might have been the same general brocade, it might have been from a different dye lot - or perhaps my fabric store changed the quality of the fabric to one that looked very similar but had a different weight or fabric content - so when I put the two fabrics together, they turned out being slightly (but noticeably) different. And if the fabric is different enough (especially the fiber content), then it necessitates being sold as a different product.


And sometimes, the corset factory finds a fantastic bolt of fabric that they just know will create awesome corsets - but this fabric may come in finite amounts and can’t be re-ordered, so this line is released as essentially limited edition corsets because they can’t be restocked. In a way, I think this makes these corset styles almost more special, and you can get some of these on sale to boot! Featured right is the special limited Ice Metal corset, normally $158 and on clearance for $135.


Do you need extra corset laces? If you don’t mind using round cotton cords instead of flat lace, then Timeless Trends has over 1000 lengths of underbust laces at only $1.14 each - an incredible 80% discount from their original price.


At checkout, while supplies last, you also have the option to snag a free T-shirt. In some cases, for the price of one regularly-priced corset, it’s possible to get yourself an older stock discount corset (some still protected under lifetime guarantee!), enough extra laces to last you the next decade, plus a free T-shirt which you can use as a liner underneath your corset, or hide your corset underneath it.


So - were your questions about the sale corsets answered? Head over to the clearance section today and let us know your favorite discounted styles - and maybe grab yourself a few deals while you’re there!

A memoir: My First Timeless Trends Corset

I’ve mentioned in the past that my very first genuine OTR corset was Timeless Trends piece - but have never gone into detail about my first online corset purchase, until today. While going through one of my old hard drives, I found old emails and pictures that brought me back to that experience, and thought that this week it would be nice to share it with you.


I’ve been researching corsets on and off for the last 10 years or so, and about 9 years ago I made my first "corset". I use the term loosely, because I had never seen a corset in person before, so didn’t really have an idea as to how they were supposed to look or feel. Made from a single layer of cotton bedsheet, with twill tape for boning channels, no waist tape, and a combination of plastic featherweight boning and too-short flat steels that were harvested from an old back brace from the thrift store - I worked a little bit every day for weeks on that corset, following the Simplicity instructions as closely as possible, hoping that it would turn out marginally corset-like. I still have that piece, or what’s left of it. Surprisingly, the grommets and the busk (purchased at an anime convention the year before) were not bad quality.


I wore it once in awhile until it began to shred, and then decided to start researching where to invest a ready-made corset in my town. Unsurprisingly, the nearby options were sub-par in quality, so I took my search to Ebay. Back in 2009, Timeless Trends was selling on Ebay, and I spent weeks going back and forth between their dozens of styles, trying to choose my favorite. Finally it came down to these two:


I emailed any friend who would care and asked them which color they liked better. In the end, I clearly went with the emerald version, and it was worn in several of my early videos on Youtube.

I still remember that my heart was pounding as my mouse hovered over the “Buy Now” button. Being over $100 with shipping, this was the largest online purchase I had ever made. Eeep! What if it didn’t fit me? What if it doesn’t look like the picture? What if I never ended up wearing it and just wasted over $100 on a frivolous purchase?


No, I was sure that this is what I wanted. I had dreamt about the corset for weeks, read through all the feedback of the company, and made sure I chose the correct size. And if I didn’t like it, then they said I had plenty of time to send it back. I paid for the corset.


The two week wait for the corset to reach Canada was nearly unbearable, but the day it arrived it felt like Christmas morning! I tore open the package and inspected every angle of the shiny green garment.


It was more heavily boned than my homemade corset, or even the other "corsets" I had seen in the local stores. The fabric was perfectly smooth, with no wrinkles, and it was so thick and densely woven. The grommets were much larger than the ones I used on my own corset, with a larger flange. I looked inside at the strong lining, and noticed a horizontal groove cutting across the middle. Oh, that’s what those corset makers on that forum meant about a waist tape! The corset was better than my expectations.


No matter how many corsets I looked at online and tried to learn their structure in theory, it was simply no comparison to holding one in your hands - or having one hold you around the waist. The reduction was gentle, but it had fit like it was made for me. It helped me through countless classes and standing labs at school, and I laced the corset on probably half a dozen girls I worked with. Over the next year, I tried a handful of other brands, but when it was time to size down, I chose a different Timeless Trends corset because I new I could trust it to hold up to rigorous use over time.


5 years later, although I’ve tried over 100 different corsets, the memory of my first Timeless Trends purchase is one that I look back on fondly, because in a way it was a gateway that led to the reviews I now do on a regular basis. Do you remember your first corset purchase? Were you as excited or nervous as I was? Let me know in a comment below!

What to do with your Old/ Too-Large Corsets

If you use a corset for waist training or if you happen to lose weight after you purchase a corset, you may find that you’ve “outshrunk” your corset and you may choose to purchase a shiny new corset that fits you better. But how do you really know when you’re finished with your old corset, and what can you do with it now that it’s too big for you?


Signs that you have outshrunk your corset:

If you can easily close the corset so that the back edges are touching every time you wear it, and especially if the top and bottom edges of the corset are beginning to flare away from your body, your corset may be too large. Those who wear the corset for a long time may even find that they can suck in their abdomen and feel a space between their body and the corset. If you find that your corset is sliding around or wobbly, it may be time to size down!

Remember though that if you have any of these signs the very first time you try on a corset, it's not the correct size for you and you should exchange it for a smaller size.

What can you do with a corset you’re finished with?

Don’t throw that old corset in the trash! A well-made corset may still have lots of life in it, even after you’ve outshrunk it. You can still use the corset in a number of ways, including:

  1. If you find that your corset is wobbling on your body because it’s too larger, wearing the corset over thicker clothing, even sweaters or blazers, can help reduce that and you can be fashionable even over your winter clothing. Just remember that whatever you wear under your corset should not cause too much wrinkling or it may be uncomfortable.
  2. Keeping your corset “just in case” - while some hardcore waist trainers may see a larger corset as enabling, I personally like to keep corsets in several sizes, just like I have my work trousers for some days and I have my yoga pants for other days. During those times when you are retaining more water or otherwise measuring a little larger. Just remember to always lace to comfort, and if you’re feeling bloated or unwell, don’t wear a corset until you feel well enough to do so.
  3. Use your corset in the night as a maintenance/ sleeping corset (if you choose to wear your corset at night). Some people, especially those with back pain or poor quality mattresses, may wear a corset to sleep. When you’re “relaxing and ruminating” (the parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for this) blood is more directed to your internal organs and less in your limbs - which means you may feel more bloated in the night. Wearing a larger or looser corset may feel more comfortable for you, yet still give the support you may want or need.
  4. Sell your old corset - some cannot afford to pay $100 for a corset, and there is no shortage of people looking for a deal, especially if you’re willing to sell the corset online and ship it to them. If you feel that your old corset has served you well, and if it’s still decent quality and not falling apart, you could probably sell it onto someone else and get about 50-60% back for it. You can then use that money to subsidize your next corset purchase.
  5. If your corset is falling apart and you’re handy with a sewing machine, you may be able to use your old corset for parts. Pull out the steel busk and bones for a future corset project! While extremely laborious, it’s sometimes possible to make a smaller corset out of a pre-existing larger corset - but I consider it less worthwhile than simply selling the corset and purchasing another smaller one. That way, you can choose a different style while you’re at it!
  6. Frame your old corset, or otherwise keep it as a sentimental object - there’s no reason why you can’t keep a corset and display it nicely even after you’re done wearing it! Many people consider corsets to be highly treasured luxury garments, and there’s no shame in holding onto it!

What do you do with your old corsets? Let us know in the comments below!

Tips for Corseting through the Fall/ Winter

As we’re now well into autumn, it seems that the weather is starting to cool down for most of us. On Facebook, I can hear the rejoicing from corset wearers living in subtropical regions of America and Europe as they are able to wear cotton and satin corsets in comfort.


For those in the southern hemisphere, things are warming up for you, so if you haven’t read it already, see this link to my tips on corseting comfortably in the summer!


This post is dedicated to corseting throughout the winter, though. What do you need to know about corseting in the winter? Shouldn’t it be easier than in the summer? Yes, in a way - but here’s a guide of what to expect, and how a corset can help you through the winter months:


Around where I live, when it gets cold enough to start to snow (which is often early November), I welcome the layered clothing. I wear leggings, knee-socks, then my jeans or slacks overtop. On my top half, I can easily wear a t-shirt or tank top (as my corset liner - yes, I still recommend using one even in the winter), my corset over that, then a sweater and coat on top of those! With all that bulk, it makes “stealthing” (hiding my corset under my clothing so it’s not noticeable that I’m wearing it) much easier - and the larger the sweater, the less noticeable the corset is!


If you want to show off your corseted silhouette under your sweaters, you can wear a more fitted knit sweater and use a belt or cinch clips to accentuate the waistline. Wearing your corset over a bulky shirt however may not be the best way to go - a loose shirt or sweater under your corset will cause wrinkles or folds underneath your corset, and these bumpy areas may be uncomfortable - remember that a good liner should be as wrinkle-free as possible.


You may also notice that you’re not able to tighten your corset quite as much over a bulky sweater. The internal waist of a corset may be 26 inches, but if you are wearing that corset closed over a thick sweater, your waist measurement may be closer to 24 inches underneath all that bulk. And the corset will be tighter everywhere (in the ribcage and hips, not just in the waist). Now, you can use this to your advantage if you have a corset that’s too big for you, so you can continue wearing it even if you’ve lost considerable weight - just be aware of the wrinkling issue under the corset.


For many of us, cold weather also means less humidity in the air - made worse by indoor heating. If you are prone to dry skin, take extra measures to take care of the skin over your tummy. Moisturize it about 30-60 minutes before putting on your corset (to allow your skin to absorb it fully), and if you have any rough patches of skin, exfoliate gently once or twice a week. Some like to use powder under their liner to prevent itching or chafing.


While none of my corsets really build up an electric charge, I find that satin corsets help my shirts and sweaters glide over it more smoothly, and don’t cause as cling. Cotton causes less static than wool or silk as well, but twill corsets are not as slippery as satin. If your corset is causing static shocks or causing your outer clothes to cling to it, you can take a dryer sheet and rub it gently over the outside of your corset (not the inside) and see if it helps.


Wearing a corset can help you in some of your outdoor chores in the winter time - for instance, I almost always wear a corset when I’m shovelling the front steps. I lace it relatively loosely (2 inches reduction or so - as I’m often breathing heavily when shovelling) but it helps to stabilize my back, and reminds me to lift using my legs instead of using my lumbar area as a hinge. With the corset’s support, I find I can push or lift a little more snow, and get the shovelling done a bit faster.


Do you have any other tips for corseting in cooler weather? Let us know in a comment below!

Stay warm, and happy lacing!

Lucy (TT guest blogger)

Four Corset Costume Ideas for Halloween 2014

It’s October and Halloween is rapidly approaching - which, for some of us, is the only time we get to dress up all year! Are you still trying to figure out what costume you’re going to wear - or do you have your costume mostly together, but you’re looking for that one staple piece to put it all together? Hopefully one of the following can help you decide.


Remember that Timeless Trends has over 200 styles to choose from, in four different cuts - so if none of the style below strike your fancy, you still have plenty to browse through in the store. And remember that this month only, if you buy two or more corsets you will automatically get a 15% discount on your purchase!


Safari Faux Fur Corset


It’s no secret that cats are a favorite of the internet, and large jungle cats especially are so lithe and majestic. This fun plush corset is covered in a faux-fur with assorted large and small spots (and if you look closely, you might be able to see a face or two!) so you can bring out your inner feline - whether that’s a grand Leopard, or a little Bengal. The standard length suits most torso lengths, and the gentle curves help you look long and lean like your favorite feline.



Saddle Brown Vinyl Corset


If wild cats aren’t your thing, perhaps the Wild West is. Whether you’re a saloon server handing out cold beverages on a sweltering hot desert day, or you’re the Sheriff of the town wrangling up the latest wanted felons, this textured brown corset would be a great addition to your costume. Made from a perfectly weathered-looking faux leather and lined in cotton, this corset has the same silhouette and strength you’ve come to depend on from Timeless Trends. Whether this can keep you on your horse though, is another story.



Hard Black Leather Corset


This corset is different and awesome in so many ways - first of all, each panel is made from a single panel of thick, hardened black genuine leather which is strong and sturdy enough to take a bit of tension without the need for a cotton lining. Secondly, the corset is riveted together with up to eighty silver rivets instead of stitched together! Thirdly, this corset comes with matching silver swing hooks in the front and silver sturdy grommets in back to complete the look and create an extremely unique piece, even for Timeless Trends. I imagine this corset being used in a costume for a Burton character… Perhaps you can even put your own corseted twist on your she-scissorhands costume!



Silver overbust corset


This overbust was originally introduced for the cyber-goth corset lovers, but around Halloween, this iridescent pewter-toned beauty can transform a number of costumes.  Are your friends going out as a Wizard of Oz team? Bam, your tin suit is half done! Going as a Marvel superhero group? This corset would be an amazing final detail to your Silver Surfer costume. Do you prefer DC world to Marvel? Use this corset as the perfect base for your Mr / Ms Freeze costume and find your Batman. Let your imagination go wild. After all, Halloween only comes once a year!


Don't forget that if you purchase two or more corsets before Halloween, you will automatically qualify for a 15% discount! What are you dressing up as for Halloween 2014, and how would you coordinate your costume with a corset? Let us know in the comments!


Your spooky guest blogger,
~ Lucy

A brief history of men wearing corsets

Men wearing corsets is actually nothing new. Several notable men in history have been known to wear corsets and corset-like garments for aesthetic or therapeutic purposes.


In the 19th century, it was not uncommon for cavalry and militia (in England, France and Germany) to wear stays under their uniform or suit. While they were referred to as “belts” in written sources, they were still relatively wide over the torso, laced up in the back like traditional stays, and designed to be worn quite snug around the waist. This served several purposes - to promote proper posture while on horseback (and good posture can be seen as intimidating as well), to help soldiers fit into their uniforms properly even if they developed a bit of a pot belly over time, and to protect their spine if they were ever thrown off their horse.


Another purpose it served was to prevent bruising of the kidneys as the soldiers were galloping along. We can still see a version of this today, as the modern kidney belt which protects horse riders and motorcyclists alike when moving over uneven ground.


Although corsets fell out of mainstream fashion in the early 20th century, some individuals continued to wear corsets despite fashion trends. Some very notable men wore corset-like braces for therapeutic purposes - for instance, former American president John F. Kennedy wore a back brace for his back pain. Artist Andy Warhol suffered nerve damage and chronic back pain after surviving an attempted assassination, and so he wore a corset for the remainder of his life. For many people, a traditional cotton corset was supportive and helped their wearers get through their day, while being less bulky than medical back braces that were sometimes made of hard plastic, wood, leather and/or thick straps of steel.


Another modern version of a corset comes in the form of a weight lifting belt, the purpose of which is to provide a rigid barrier around the lower abdomen, which the lifter pushes against while bearing heavy weights. This is thought to help stabilize the lifter’s abdomen, protecting against lumbar strain or some types of hernias.


Some sources argue that corsetry in general never really died completely (even in the 1920s and ‘30s) but rather, it went “underground” and became a part of subculture until revival in the 1940s and ‘50s in Dior’s “New Look” fashion, again in the 80s as part of the punk and goth subculture. In the last 50 years, tightlacers such as Fakir Musafar and Mr Pearl have let the world know that yes, male interest in corsetry does exist (although there is absolutely no pressure to lace as small as those two notables!)


Timeless Trends acknowledges that some men do like the posture support, the tummy-flattening effect and the fashion of a corset, so TT sells corsets marketed specifically for men. These corsets have less of a curve to them compared to their other standard length corsets, and they are available in black cashmere and pinstripe styles, which coordinate wel; with many black and charcoal suits. Gentlemen, whether you’d like to look dapper or alternative (or both at once!), these corsets have you covered.


What do you think of these styles? Let us know in a comment below!

8 Awesome Facts about Timeless Trends

Timeless Trends is not a faceless, static company that exclusively sells corsets and doesn’t interact with their customers. Like any company, they have a collection of indispensable people behind them, they have a history and a mission, and they have some great features that they want you to know about! Here’s just a few things that you may not have known about Timeless Trends:

  1. All of Timeless Trends corsets are manufactured in Thailand, where they own an exclusive small factory - the factory works only for Timeless Trends, and Timeless Trends uses only this one factory. While their corsets are made offshore, Timeless Trends’ owner, Jim, travels to Thailand to make sure that working conditions are up to US standards, and a lot of design work and development of new styles are done together at the factory. The company prides itself in being relatively small, stating that they have few but very enthusiastic and fairly-treated employees.
  2. Timeless Trends’ logo is, fittingly, an hourglass with a corset in the sand - obviously the corset itself gives its wearer an hourglass silhouette, but the logo can also indicate that the aesthetic of curves are appreciated throughout time and don't go out of style.

  3. Timeless Trends comes out with new styles all the time! Timeless Trends currently has over 200 styles in their warehouse, of all different colors and fabrics. There is likely a style to suit your fancy - and if there isn’t, one of the new styles coming out each week is likely to catch your eye sooner or later. In addition to new styles being released weekly, there is one featured sale corset every week too!
  4. Timeless Trends offers gift certificates as well - it’s a fantastic gift for corset enthusiast or fashionista in your life; and starting from only $25, it’s likely to suit any budget and fit into any holiday stocking. Gift cards can be loaded up to $500; which can buy up to 6 corsets, plus accessories.
  5. On that note, did you know that Timeless Trends has a wide range of accessories? They have extra laces (overbust and underbust lengths), garters, t-shirts, novelty buttons and even plush velvet storage bags, specially-fitted for Timeless Trends corsets? Head over to their accessories page to see what they offer.
  6. Timeless Trends is also offering a FREE t-shirt with every corset order right now, while supplies and sizes last! The fitted cotton tees can be used as a corset liner, in a pinch. No need to manually add a shirt to your cart; just choose your desired t-shirt cut and size during checkout!
  7. Speaking of free, Timeless Trends holds regular contests on their social media for free corsets and $50 gift cards - be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest so you don’t miss the next chance to win. There are new contests every week!
  8. Lastly, Timeless Trends offers a 45-day hassle-free return period (the longest of any OTR corset company I know of!), plus a lifetime guarantee. Not a 6-month guarantee, not a 1-year guarantee. A lifetime. What does this mean? Well, it doesn’t mean that Timeless Trends will let you exchange your old corset for smaller and smaller corsets throughout your life to support your waist training. But it does mean that should your corset fail under normal, responsible use - be it a busk pin popping off, a grommet pulling out, a seam tearing, or a steel bone wearing through - Timeless Trends has you covered and will replace that corset for you. That’s a pretty amazing guarantee!


These are just a few facts about Timeless Trends that you might not have known before! What is your favorite thing about TT? Let us know in the comments below!