Timeless Trends Corset Size Chart

Corset Sizing Chart

Your corset size will be between 3 and 7 inches less than your waist measurement. Your waist measurement should be taken at the smallest part of your waist, usually just above the navel. Measure snugly but not too tight and then refer to the sizing chart to determine your size.

Corset Size Waist Measurement
(in inches just above navel)
American Standard Cup Corset Cup Size
20 23-24 A - B Cup S
22 25-26 C Cup M
24 27-28 D - DD Cup L
26 29-30    
28 31-32    
30 33-35    
32 36-37    
34 38-39    
36 40-41    
38 42-45    

Timeless Trends' corsets are equal to their size. Meaning, when a size 28 corset is laid out flat it is 28 inches across.

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