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Corset Sizing

Natural Waist Corset Size
23 - 24 Inches 20
25 - 26 Inches 22
27 - 28 Inches 24
29 - 30 Inches 26
31 - 32 Inches 28
33 - 35 Inches 30
36 - 37 Inches 32
38 - 39 Inches 34
40 - 41 Inches 36
42 - 45 Inches 38
Quick Start

Your corset size will be between 3 and 7 inches less than your waist measurement. Your waist measurement should be taken at the smallest part of your waist, usually just above the navel. Measure snugly but not too tight and then refer to the sizing chart to determine your size.

31” waist – 3 = Corset size 28

Note: If your under bust is only 1” more than, equal to, or less than your waist measurement you’ll need to go down an entire size.  

31” (waist) – 3 = Corset size 28
32” or less (under bust) = Corset size 26

Do not worry about your hip measurement as our cuts that cover the hip have adjustable side lacing.

Corset Styles

Under Bust:
This corset is designed to sit right at the hipbone (iliac crest) on most wearers, and has a contoured underbust line to accentuate and slightly lift the bust area.

Choose this cut if: You are an “apple” or “ruler” shape, with a fairly balanced ribcage and hip. Men can wear this style as well, sometimes upside-down if it’s more comfortable. People with average-to-longer torso lengths should fit this cut.

Avoid this cut if: You have a torso shorter than 9” in height. If you a dramatic “pear” shape and your high hip (iliac) is 8-10 inches (or more) larger than your natural waist, see the next option.
Center front: 11 - 12" with a 10" busk
 Side length: 9 3/4 - 10 1/2"
Center back: 12 1/4 - 13" 
Under bust to hip: 9 1/2 - 10"

Long Cut Under Bust:
This corset is designed to flatter those with longer waists and/ or those who are pear-shaped, as this style has adjustable side hip ties. This style is also the most flattering for full-figured wearers and those who have a pooch or "mother's apron."

Choose this cut if: You are plus-sized, especially with an underbust measurement smaller than your waist. Those with a long torso will find this the most flattering as it will cover all of your tummy. Those who have prominent hips (your iliac crest measures 8-10” more than your waist) will also find the expandable hip ties more comfortable.

Avoid this cut if: You have a torso 10” or less in height, unless you don’t plan to sit down for long periods in this corset.
Center front: 13" - 13 1/2" with a 12" busk
Side length: 11" at slit
Center back: 14" - 15"
Underbust to hip: 11" - 12"

Waist Cincher:
Our shorter waspie styled corset has a mild, slim silhouette and is more for tummy flattening than extreme training.
Choose this corset if: your torso is less than 9” in height, and your ribcage and hips are fairly balanced. Those with a longer torso can wear this corset as well, fashioned as a wide belt.

Avoid this corset if: You have a prominent lower tummy pooch (aka “mother’s apron”), as this corset is very short and will not fully cover the lower abdomen.
Center front: 8 1/2" with 8" busk
Side length: 7"
Center back: 9 1/2"
Underbust to hip: 7 1/2"

Over Bust:
Our over bust corsets features a modesty panel and adjustable side lacing.  Sits lower on the hips and come up higher under the arms, over the breasts, and up the back. Sizes 20 & 22 use a 12" busk while sizes 24 to 38 use a 13" busk.

Choose this corset if: You are looking for extra support at the bust or need something that provides more coverage.

Avoid this corset if: You exceed a DD cup size.

Size 20 – 22:
Center Front: 13 ¼” - 13 ½”
Side Length: 11 ¼” - 11 ½”
Center Back: 12 ½” - 12 ¾”
Underbust to Hip: 13 ¼” - 13 ½”

Size 24 – 38:
Center Front 14” – 14 ¼”
Side Length: 12 ¼” – 12 ½”
Center Back: 14” – 14 ¾”
Underbust to Hip: 14 ¾” – 15 ¼”
Based on American cup sizes our over bust corsets come in three sizes.
S = Cup Size A & B
M = Cup Size C
L = Cup Size D - DD

Your Height Matters: Tall vs Petite Body Types

Do you have a longer torso?  We now have you covered with the addition of our long under bust corset line.  Our long line will cover more of the hips and comes with adjustable side lacing.

The length will also help eliminate any muffin-top effect.

Plus Size Corset Considerations:

Regardless of your body type a corset can help shape your body into a smooth hourglass shape that you can feel confident about.  

For those with a fuller figure we are here to accommodate!  Every corset we offer is available for waist measurements from 23 to 45 inches.