Corset Newsletter

Which Corset Is Right For You?

Under Bust Corset

This corset is our most popular cut, and comes in the most fabric designs. It will cinch in your waist and deliver an extra lift to your breasts. It’s designed to sit right at the hipbone (iliac crest) on most wearers, and has a contoured underbust line to accentuate and lift the bust area. The center front is a maximum of 12”, and from underbust to lap you should measure at least 9.5” to be able to sit comfortably. It has a hourglass or “modern slim” silhouette.

Choose this cut if you are an “apple” or “ruler” shape, with a fairly balanced ribcage and hip. Men can wear this style as well, sometimes upside-down if it’s more comfortable. People with average-to-longer torso lengths should fit this cut. Our men's variation of this cut features a straight cut across the top.

Avoid this cut if you have a torso shorter than 9” in height. If you desire a dramatic “pear” shape and your high hip (iliac) is 8-10 inches (or more) larger than your natural waist, consider our long cut.

Long Under Bust Corset

This corset is designed to flatter those with longer torsos and / or those who are pear-shaped, as this style has adjustable side hip ties. While this corset will cinch in your waist it will also deliver an extra lift to the breasts. The center front is around 13” long, and you should measure at least 11” from underbust to lap in order to sit in this corset comfortably. This style is also the most flattering for full-figured wearers and those who have a pooch or "mother's apron."

Choose this cut if you are plus-sized, especially with an underbust measurement smaller than your waist. Those with a long torso will find this the most flattering as it will cover all of your tummy. Those who have prominent hips (your iliac crest measures 8-10” more than your waist) will also find the expandable hip ties more comfortable.

Avoid this cut if you have a torso 10” or less in height, unless you don’t plan to sit down for long periods in this corset.


Waist Cincher

This corset has a mild, slim silhouette and is more for tummy flattening than extreme training. This corset is 8” long in the center front, which is 3-4 inches shorter than the standard length underbust, so the top line generally comes up to the lower ribs, and cuts slightly above the iliac crest. On someone with a short torso, it may reach up to the underbust line. Those who have a torso length of 6.5” or longer will be able to sit comfortably in this corset.

Choose this corset if your torso is less than 9” in height, and your ribcage and hips are fairly balanced. Those with a longer torso can wear this corset as well, fashioned as a wide belt.

Avoid this corset if you have a prominent lower tummy pooch (aka “mother’s apron”), as this corset is very short and will not fully cover the lower abdomen.


Over Bust Corset Style

Timeless Trends’ over bust corset tops have a 3-point fitting system - so even though our corsets are still standard sized, you will be able to control the fit more than you would with some other styles or brands. With more choices, you have a higher chance of having a more flattering and comfortable fit.

Our over bust line does a great job of pulling in the waist and since it sits higher up it creates extra cleavage and lifts the breasts.

Waist - each corset comes in a standard closed waist measurements. Timeless Trends over busts are offered in 10 different waist sizes, from 20” - 38”, in 2-inch increments. So you start by choosing the waist size that’s appropriate for you; many people are comfortable starting with a size 3-4 inches smaller than their natural waist measurement. For example, if your waist is naturally 32”, then perhaps choose a size 28” corset.

Bust - in addition to the 10 different waist sizes, each over bust comes in 3 different bust sizes: small (for cups A - small B), medium (for cups B-C), and large (for cups D-DD). For instance, there are sizes 24S, 24M, and 24L, the number indicating the waist size, and the letter indicating the bust size. This means that Timeless Trends has an incredible 30 different overbust sizes to choose from.

Hips - All of Timeless Trends overbust corsets have functional side ties at the hips, which you can expand or contract to fit your hips. This means that whether you have slim hips or prominent hips, you can adjust the corset to fit you. Even if you have uneven/ asymmetric hips, you will be able to adjust each side individually for comfort.

Modesty Panel - Timeless Trends overbust corsets are different from the other corsets in that they come with a cotton modesty panel that will prevent your skin from showing though the laces and protect your skin against the laces.