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Corset Contest Rules

Timeless Trends Corsets often holds contests on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Here you'll find some general rules regarding all of our contests.





Timeless Trends will cover the shipping fees to any U.S. address.  International winners will be responsible for paying shipping.



U.K. Shipping:


You may select a corset from our U.S. based web store but you will need to cover all shipping fees.



Eligible Products:


Winners are entitled to select any non-leather corset from our website only. Please note that this excludes items sold exclusively on our Amazon store.





Prize corsets are eligible for exchanges and also come with a lifetime guarantee.  For any exchange, even ones made within our 45 day exchange period, we ask that the winner pay our shipping fee back to them.



Winning Instructions:


If you were announced as the winner of a contest then you'll need to email us via our contact us page.  Be sure to reference the contest you won and let us know your shipping name and address and which corset you'd like.  Please refer to the corset by its full name on its page and be sure to include your size.

Winners must claim prize one month after announcement.




Don't forget to visit our sizing page before selecting your corset!  Click here for sizing help.