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Dyeable Overbust Modesty Panel - MP-Overbust-Dyeable

Looking for something to help prevent lacing burn, hide the Venus fold/back cleavage that lacing tightly can create, or something to provide a smooth, uniform look at the back of your corset?

Try our floating modesty panels!

Made with grommets and Velcro tabs, you have multiple options for quickly and easily attaching the modesty panel to your corset. Our Velcro tabs make it easy to use as no re-lacing is required.

Our vertical steel stays keep the corset in place as you lace.

This extra long length floating corset modesty panel is completely removable and will fit any of the over bust corsets. Exterior fabric is a perfect match to our Dyeable Corsets and the 100% cotton can be dyed to match any color of corset!

  • 3 vertical and 2 horizontal spiral steel stays for additional support

  • 2 ways to attach to the corset laces: Velcro secured loops at the top of the modesty panel and grommets at the top and bottom.

  • 100% cotton twill lining

  • 100% cotton twill outer

Dimensions in Inches:
Length: 12.75"
Widest point: 6.25"
Narrowest point (at waist): 5.25"