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Corset Chronicles: Why Corsets?

Why Corsets?


I’ve been a feminist long before I truly understood what the term meant.  I was a feminist even as I insisted I wasn’t a feminist.  It was during my graduate studies that I took a course on gender anthropology. That was when I discovered the definition for Feminism; 1) the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes and 2) organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.


Once I had the complete definition of the word I was no longer afraid of it even as my friends, family and acquaintances continued to try to demean and diminish me by calling me a “Feminist” reflecting their fear of the word and the balance of the scales that they resolutely wanted to keep tilted in favor in a male dominated society.


For those interested I was born in the mid nineteen fifties, lived through the murder of John F. and Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, the Nixon impeachment, the cold war and nuclear proliferation, the Vietnam war, disco, 9/11, the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iran, and now the Trump years.  Each year that I lived through the bad things I also lived through totally awesomely good things; the first landing on the moon, the civil rights movement,  destruction of the Berlin wall, the end of the Vietnam war and return of our veterans, the growth of solar and wind power, wide spread use of birth control, the birth of my daughter and now the surge of women taking control of their lives and making their voices be heard.


During these many years I earned my MBA, worked for a variety of diverse industry and companies, was a wife, mother and successful businesswomen.  For the last 12 years I was with Rooster Teeth Productions, a new media company made famous by its creation and production of Red vs. Blue (currently 16 seasons), RWBY (in its 6th season), three movies, Rooster Teeth Podcast, Always Open podcast, annual conventions and Achievement Hunter game play videos.  I was their Chief Operating Office and part of the executive management team. I worked with some really awesome people and loved every minute of it! This year I retired. 


Now that I am retired I am performing a labor of love and continuing to further my feminist goals. Working with my family and invested in the design and selling of corsets.  Some of you may wonder why would a devoted long-term feminist want to sell corsets?  Isn’t it just another way of objectifying and sexualizing women?    Doesn’t this get in the way of goals of feminism; to insure equality of the sexes, to protect women’s rights and interests?  Absolutely not!  We as humans deserve and have earned the right to do or be ANYTHING we want.  Be it to run a multi-million dollar company, stay at home and care for our families, dress in blue jeans or silk dresses, wear makeup or use the power of the mighty corset to position ourselves for success.


Women and men have been wearing corsets for hundreds of years.  Women have been wearing make-up for thousand of years. Why?  My theory is because it gives them power and the confidence to take on the challenges they face every single day.  This idea of power dressing is not new. Think back to every successful individual in history – what is the one thing they all, men and women had in common? They all had their version of the power suit, or should I say, power accouterments.  Things like a King’s scepter, the Queen’s crown, military generals and their metals, Presidential and school ties, turtle neck sweaters or a red coat.    


My daughter once told me “Make-up is my warpaint.  It helps me get ready for facing my business challenges”.  I’ve given this statement a lot of thought.  Everyone needs power accouterments, for her it includes makeup.  Other women have told me they love wearing a corset because it gives them confidence and makes them feel powerful.  Besides, our corsets are beautiful!


I don’t wear make-up and I don’t wear corsets (I have a different set of power accouterments) but I will fight to the teeth for your right to wear them!  If you are going to wear them, they should be beautiful, of the best quality and make you feel powerful. That is why I’m invested in Timeless Trends and corsets.

Embrace your power!




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