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Journal of the Golden Rule

Do you truly live by the Golden Rule or do you let life, struggles, or the weight of the world prevent you from being honest with yourself about how you live this rule?

We all know that the Golden Rule is the principle of treating others as one's self would wish to be treated.  Christina and I rely on our company values to set our business's tone of the golden rule.  The value that is most relevant to the golden rule is striving to show the upmost respect for human beings inside and outside of our company. 

In an effort to spread the golden rule and bring some lightness to a darkening world, I purchased a book called The Acts of Good Journal.  This journal and its concept are AMAZING!  The idea is to complete twelve acts of good while documenting them and the people involved, finally passing the journal (yes literally releasing it into the world) to the next person…imagine the places on this planet that this journal could reach and the good for all that could come about because of it!!

Acts of good don't have to be monetarily driven but should be more about thoughtfulness, inclusion, acceptance, forgiveness, etc.  Acts of good should come from the heart and they should be driven by our declaration of living by the golden rule.  When's the last time that you said thank you to a bus driver?  When's the last time you complimented a stranger?  When's the last time you were truly selfless? 

Our goal at Timeless Trends is to always let our customers know that we respect each and every one of them and to NEVER have anyone feel as though they are part of a marginalized group (because there are still these groups in 2019…mind blowing, really!)  I urge you all to give yourself to the Golden Rule. 

To our customers…be on the lookout.  One of YOU will be the first recipient of our Timeless Trends act of good journal!  Could it be you?

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Shannon Green    

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