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Meet The Greens

Welcome to the first post of TT's new blog!  Since we'll be seeing each other more often, let's get to know each other a bit.  We invite you to sit back, relax and let us introduce ourselves.

We are the Green girls.  Sister-in-laws, friends, business partners and general hellraisers.  A couple of girls from 'the Ville", with dreams of one day being able to operate a business OUR way.  Decades passed; there were marriages, birthdays, births and deaths.  We continued to work hard and persevere, gaining strength from adversity, biding our time for our 'big break'.  Then fate intervened.  The opportunity of a lifetime was offered to us.  To become co-executive directors of Timeless Trends.  Selling products we love to the most amazing group of customers.  We are eternally grateful to all of you for making our dreams a reality.  So, without further ado, Shannon and Christina Green, come on down!

I am a  small town girl with big city dreams.  I moved from ranch land and cowboys to college in San Antonio when I was 18.  Then real life happened...I was pregnant after two months away from home!  My then boyfriend from high school dedicated himself to me and this child.  Six years later, I was in my last semester of college, pregnant AGAIN, in a bigger city, at a way bigger school.  I did it!  I graduated from Saint Edward's University, Magna Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Arts.  This is something that I will cherish forever and that no one will ever be able to take away from me! 

My professional career began right after I graduated but my life also took a very dramatic turn when my mother became gravely ill.  I was now a novice professional, a mother of two boys, a wife, and a caregiver to my precious mother at the age of 27. 

Proceed to ten years later, I am now about to be 38.  In those ten years, I had the highest of highs working for a company that started selling tacos from the back of a Vespa to more than 50 storefront locations in three different states when I resigned last year.  Resigning was both empowering and frightful.  I vowed to my past employers that it was now time to make MY own dreams come true after dedicating my life thus far to everyone else's dreams. 

Hello Timeless Trends!  I pride myself on becoming better at life, every day, in every way and what better way to become who I want than becoming a successful, powerful business woman.  I am a role model to my children, I am a role model to those girls that find themselves in sticky situations at a young age.  I am my own role model!  Life is difficult but ever so rewarding.  My advice to everyone is simple; No rain, no rainbows!  Let that marinate.

From a very early age, I felt stifled by the confines of small-town life.  My mother assured me that an education was my ticket out, so I heeded her advice, got good grades, and got accepted to UT.  College life proved to be...socially overwhelming, and by sophomore year, I decided a hiatus was necessary.  Moving back home was NOT an option, so I got a job at the mall to pay the bill and began my love affair with retail. 

With a renewed sense of purpose, I re-enrolled in school. received a B.S. in Textiles and Apparel and began working at a vintage store on SOCO.  This was an exciting time filled with fashion shows, buying and appraising vintage, and oodles of celebrity sightings.  Life evolves though, and as fun as my job was, I couldn't afford to live.  Hence my transition to corporate America.  It was soul-sucking but also challenging, rewarding and immensely educational.  The demands of my position took their toll.  I was miserable, my husband was miserable, and my son was miserable.  He was 3 years old and still not speaking. At all.  I knew something was wrong.  So, I decided to quit. 

This turned out to be the best decision I've ever made.  We thrived.  I no longer had a cacophony of mental noise distracting me from who and what I was; I no longer let the outside voices speak for my inside voice.  But self-realization wasn't enough.  This is where Jim Carrey intervened. I was approached with an opportunity to invest in a business with my family.  Immediately, I thought, "No, I can't do it.  Too risky.  Too scary."  But that was the old me talking.  This was my opportunity to turn self-realization into action.  I remembered the movie 'Yes, Man' starring Jim Carrey, where he plays a man who challenges himself to say yes to everything for an entire year.  I was inspired  So, I said yes!  And here I am.  It's been a roller coaster of a ride, but this roller coaster is ours and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I hope you ride along with me.  It may be a little bumpy, but it'll be exciting!


1.  What's your astrological sign? 

Christina: 100% Cancer 

Shannon:  Aquarius...and I have NO idea if I fit the description of an Aquarius because I do not know the description of Aquarius 🙂

2.  If someone were to describe you in one word, what would it be?

Christina:  Loud.  Definitely loud, lol.  I've had to have talks about the volume of my voice in the workplace.  What can I say 🤷‍♀️ I was born with a megaphone attached to my voice box.  Maybe I'll start handing out ear plugs upon introduction?

Shannon:  Assertive (that's not a negative connotation).  I often can't hold my tongue and I feel really strongly about my opinions.  I love hard and will bite your head off if you mess with one of my family members!

3.  What are you watching?

Christina: You on Netflix and The Good Place on NBC.  Tidelands is next on my list.

Shannon: The only thing that I MUST watch are Houston sports games (Astros, Texans, Rockets).

4.  Introvert or extrovert?

Christina:  A very anxious introvert.

Shannon:  Complete extrovert.  I'm not sure that I have one introverted bone in my body?

5.  What's your favorite food?

Christina:  Tacos.  All day, every day.

Shannon:  French Fries!  Fried crispy, soggy, crinkle, curly, steak, shoestring...just DON'T call a sweet potato a French Fry!

6.  Cats or dogs?

Christina:  Soooo...I had both growing up and loved both equally.  Now that I have a child, I prefer no pets.  The first time you look in your backseat and see your child covered in his own poo, which 🤢 you now know you have to clean 🤮 well, it creates an aversion.  Potty training only reinforced that aversion.  I do not care to be responsible for the cleaning of poo for a LONG while.

Shannon:  Up until I adopted two kitties I was all dog.  These two boy kitties have melted my heart with their love, their no barking and their endless gift giving of dead birds, lizards, grasshoppers, etc.  CATS RULE!!

7.  What's your dream destination?

Christina:  Austria.  Because The Sound of Music is the best movie ever.

Shannon:  My dream destination is anywhere with ocean.  I am a beach baby and desire, daily, the sand between my toes, the sound of crashing waves and the feeling of calmness that the ocean gives me.

8.  If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Christina:  Flying. 

Shannon:  My super power would be time travel (but only time travel to the past, not the future).  I would do anything to travel back to one more day with my beautiful mother!

9.  What's your spirit animal?

Christina:  Hmmm...mine's more of a spirit character.  Phryne Fisher from the Australian TV show Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.  She is SO bad ass!  Is that cheating though?  Alright, I pick wolf.

Shannon:  According to my sister-in-law, your spirit animal is the animal that you see most often...I refuse to call my spirit animal a roach!  Something about roaches in Texas but they won't go away!  Therefore, my spirit animal is a dolphin.

10.  What song do you have on repeat?

Christina:  Going Bad (feat. Drake) by Meek Mill

Shannon:  Sicko Mode by Travis Scott







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