Corset Seasoning Series: Day 1

Corset Seasoning Series: Day 1

The wait is over! Time to start breaking in our corsets. Just a quick reminder that I'll be posting daily updates with my progress and experience here, but you by no means have to follow the same path to seasoning your corset that I am.

While it's in no way a prerequisite to breaking in your corset, if you know that you prefer a different lacing pattern, type, or length of laces, it's not a bad idea to go ahead and relace your corset before you get started.

I personally prefer the "reverse bunny ears" lacing pattern, but am fine with the ribbon laces the Aqua Iridescent Curvy Corset (TUR-S52) came with, I've already relaced my corset to this pattern. If you're curious about this, check out the video below which includes a quick tutorial on this lacing pattern!

There is another step that I routinely take prior to breaking in my corsets: bending the flat/spring steel bones at the back of the corset (the bones supporting the lacing grommets) so that the corset supports the lumbar curve of my spine (my lower swayback). Since it may be difficult for you to tell if this is something that will make a corset more comfortable for you, I'll begin the break in process of my corset WITHOUT doing this, so that I can more accurately report the sensations that led to me considering this modification in the first place.

It's the end of day 1 in the corset seasoning series and so far I've worn my corset for about 3 hours. I've had my corset laced with a 3.5" lacing gap and measure 30.75" over the corset at my waistline.


So far I've noticed the tiniest bit of gaping at the hips of the corset where they arch up over the illiac crest / hipbones as well as more noticeable gaping around my underbust / ribcage towards the front of the corset, both of which are expected and normal given that I went up a size for a roomier fit at the ribs and hips. I've also noticed a bit of pressure from the ends of the spring steel bones supporting the lacing grommets where they press into my lower back. While not uncomfortable, this pressure is the first sign that bending these bones may create an even better and more personalized fit for my body.

Overall keeping the corset on for around 3 hours was very easy for me (I probably could have worn it for longer) and it felt quite comfortable and almost loose, so I'll likely lace a bit tighter tomorrow.

How's the first day of everyone's corset seasoning going? If you'd like to share your experiences, leave us a comment below!

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