Corset Seasoning Series: Day 7

Corset Seasoning Series: Day 7

Day 7 of breaking in our corsets is here! I'm laced slightly looser than yesterday with a lacing gap of 2.25" and a waist measurement over the corset of 29.5". Today I've worn the corset for about 5.5 hours.


The muscles in my back feel perfectly fine even after this fairly long length of wear and I'm not feeling any uncomfortable spots of pressure from the corset's bones digging in. In fact the only spot of discomfort I have today is right at my waistline on my left side, which I know from experience is due to the corset being worn over my clothes and causing the hook and eye of my skirt's waistband to dig in. I am still getting a bit of overspill at the upper edge of the corset, but it has mostly migrated from the center back to the side back. This overspill certainly isn't helped any by the oddly bulging band of the borderline worn-out bra I have on today, but is well disguised by the extra fabric of my top.

The overall feel of the corset is definitely softer and more flexible than when brand new, but I still wouldn't call it fully broken in quite yet. While everyone may have their own personal criteria of what fully broken in consists of, for me it means being comfortable wearing the corset for a full 8+ hour day. Mostly this is because I prefer to stealth my corsets, or wear them underneath my clothes, and it can be pretty inconvenient to feel like I need to fiddle with or take off a corset in the middle of the day that is being worn in this way.

How's everyone's seasoning going so far? If you'd like to share your experience or have any questions, just leave us a comment below!

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      Mar 10, 2016

      My seasoning is going well, today is day #3 for me, I am also surprised to see that I am able to pull it a little tighter each time (so long as I am doing this regularly and am not slacking), its also getting easier to wear it more tightly for longer with less discomfort as when I had first gotten the corset and tried it on (before starting the seasoning) I was having some painful aching in my ribs. I definitely haven't gotten to 2 inches down yet though, I am down maybe 1 inch now; from about 24.5 to a 23.5 around the waist but I haven't been measuring the back gap. I will start doing that today though. Its really neat being able to follow along and do this along side a professional. It helps to reassure me that I am not doing anything wrong. =)

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