Corset Seasoning Series: Day 7

Corset Seasoning Series: Day 7


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      Mar 10, 2016

      My seasoning is going well, today is day #3 for me, I am also surprised to see that I am able to pull it a little tighter each time (so long as I am doing this regularly and am not slacking), its also getting easier to wear it more tightly for longer with less discomfort as when I had first gotten the corset and tried it on (before starting the seasoning) I was having some painful aching in my ribs. I definitely haven't gotten to 2 inches down yet though, I am down maybe 1 inch now; from about 24.5 to a 23.5 around the waist but I haven't been measuring the back gap. I will start doing that today though. Its really neat being able to follow along and do this along side a professional. It helps to reassure me that I am not doing anything wrong. =)

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