Blue Velvet Silver-Gold Corset

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Blue Velvet Silver-Gold Corset - Style TUB-263

On clearance and will not be restocked. Order soon before it's too late!

Accented with silver and gold, this corset is sure to dazzle as part of any sexy outfit. Available in our popular underbust cut, our Blue Velvet Corset pulls in the waist and lifts the bust to give you a striking hourglass figure. While a great casual corset, our Blue Velvet corset also looks great as a cosplay or an anime corset. Like all our corsets, our Blue Velvet Under Bust Corset comes with our no-hassle Lifetime Guarantee.

  • Constructed with 20 flexible spiral steel stays for added comfort and better form

  • 6 spring steel stays supporting the grommets and busk

  • ½ inch wide flexible steel busk front closure

  • 3 layers of fabric:

         2 inner layers constructed from high quality cotton      twill

         Outer layer of fabric constructed from poly-fiber

         Middle layer laminated to outer layer of fabric for      added strength and a smooth finish

  • Waist tape for added support at the waist line

  • 4 garter loops (garter straps sold separately)

  • Laced with silver ribbon

  • Lifetime guarantee!

Dimensions in Inches:
Center front: 11-12" with a 10" busk
Side length: 9 3/4" - 10 1/2"
Center back: 12 1/4" - 13"
Underbust to hip: 9 1/2" - 10"