Red Gold Lion Long Corset

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Red Gold Lion Long Corset - TUC-342

SALE CORSET: On some of the Red Gold Lion Corsets, the full curve of the lion's tail will not be visible as the embroidery is caught up in the corset's seams between panels.

Rich red fabric emboidered with a golden lion make this regally colored corset an amazing choice for your next cosplay. Channel Griffindor House from the world of Harry Potter, House Lannister of Westros, or even show your appreciation of Aslan from the Narnia universe with this versatile corset. Constructed in our long cut this corset features functional laces at the hips to further adjust the fit to your individual figure, smoothing the hips, drawing in the waist, and flattening the stomach for that timeless hourglass shape. Like all of our corsets, our Red Gold Lion Long Corset comes with our no-hassle, Lifetime Guarantee.


  • Constructed with 20 flexible spiral steel stays for added comfort and better form

  • 6 spring steel stays supporting the grommets and busk

  • ½ inch wide flexible steel busk front closure

  • 3 layers of fabric:

         2 inner layers constructed from high quality cotton      twill

         Outer layer of fabric constructed from poly-fiber

         Middle layer laminated to outer layer of fabric for      added strength and a smooth finish

  • Waist tape for added support at the waist line

  • 4 garter loops (garter straps sold separately)

  • Laced with gold ribbon

  • Lifetime guarantee!

Dimensions in Inches:
Center front: 13" - 13 1/2" with 12" busk
Side length: 11" at slit
Center back: 14" - 15"
Underbust to hip: 11" - 12"

About the Stylist


Roxana Hire is a model, actress, and Cosplayer extraordinaire. She is often found modeling our corsets, but did you know that she is also responsible for some of our most unique styles? Her incredible Cosplay ability led to an invitation to come to Thailand to work with us. We found that her fashion sense and Cosplay stylings translate perfectly into fabulous corsets, many of which have become our top sellers. To find out more about Roxana, visit her Facebook page here!

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