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Gemini Round Rib Black Corset

Our most popular fabric by far, the black cashmere fashion fabric featured here in our fabulous Gemini Silhouette is an excellent choice for shapewear, casual, classic, or more gothic ensembles. Even curvier than the Hourglass cut, the Gemini cut is designed for those with naturally curvy figures or experienced corset wearers. Comes with 6 garter tabs. Garter straps sold separately.

Photo Credit:

Model: Kate Blank @SwellFarewell

Makeup: The Vanity Studios / Kristina Stuller 

Wolves: Logan and Cana @IronwoodWolves

Photographer : Jennifer Ilene @Jenniferilene

About the Gemini Corset:


Your hips must be at least 10 inches greater than your waist to fit the Gemini Corset.


The Gemini corset is offered in two silhouettes: Conical rib and Round rib!

The Round rib version is designed to cup over the ribcage and place compression around the waist, while leaving room for the ribs. This is appropriate for those who have larger or inflexible ribs.

The Conical rib is cut straight from the underbust to waist, and will give you a tapered look with more compression on the floating ribs. This is recommended more for experienced corset wearers and those with a naturally smaller or flexible ribcage.

Both silhouettes are identical from the waist to hips; only the ribcage is affected.


The Gemini corset is designed for experienced corset wearers or those with naturally curvy figures. It is one step curvier than the hourglass corset: where the hourglass has a 6.5" rib spring, the Gemini will have an 8" rib spring. Where the hourglass has a 10" high hip spring, the Gemini has a 12" high hip spring. A customer who can fit the hourglass corset in size 26" should be able to comfortably fit the Gemini in size 24".



The Gemini has the look of a longline corset, so it extends down over the hips on the side and accommodates a 16" low hip spring. The longline corset is aesthetically preferred among some corset wearers. The extra smoothing and support over the hip area provides a beautiful silhouette, and in many cases the corset snuggles better under the waistband of slacks and skirts compared to corsets cut high over the hips. However, you don't have to be long-waisted to wear the Gemini, because it's same length as the regular hourglass in the front and along the princess seam! It will fit anyone with a waist length of 9 inches or more. It will fit like a comfortable longline corset for a petite or short-waisted person.



For sizes 22 and larger, the Gemini corset has extra spiral steel bones in the center of some panels to provide extra vertical tension to the corset, preventing wrinkling or buckling of the fabric and ensuring it stays smooth on the body. The spiral steels are still the high quality, flexible, comfortable bones you've come to know from Timeless Trends.



You spoke and we listened! The Gemini corset has a slightly higher back compared to the hourglass corsets, to help hold in the "muffin top" or skin roll-over.



About the Designer


Lucy is a corset designer, educator, writer, vlogger and consultant based near Toronto, Canada. An ambassador between corset wearers and brands, she is dedicated to raising the bar of quality, safety, comfort, aesthetics, and accessibility in the corset industry. Lucy is also a science nerd, musician, nutritionist and dog mom. Learn more about Lucy's work on her Facebook page.

Lucy worked closely with Timeless Trends to develop our top-selling Hourglass Silhouette corsets. Her experience and taste for experimentation was critical in creating this elegant and very popular shape. Lucy provides a wealth of information on corsetry, and is our "go to" expert when we need guidance, encouragement, and a little extra love.

Dimensions & Springs

Gemini Details

Gemini Corset Springs
Corset Springs:
  • Rib Spring: 8" (measured 5" up from the bottom edge of waist tape)

  • Hip Spring: 12" (measured 4" down from the bottom edge of waist tape)

  • Lower Hip Spring: 16"

Corset Measurements:
  • Center front: 11" with a 10" busk

  • Side length: 11.25"

  • Center back: 13.25"

  • Under bust to lap: 9.75"

  • Ribbon: 8.5 yards

Choose This Cut:

If you are either an experienced corset wearer, or naturally curvy with a 10 inch or greater hip to waist measurement.

Avoid This Cut:

You will need hips to fill in this silhouette! If you have hips that are not 10 inches greater than your waist it'll be best to avoid the Gemini and consider our Hourglass Silhouette line of corsets.