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Sepia Corset
Sepia Corset
Sepia Corset
Sepia Corset
Sepia Corset

Sepia Stripes Novice Corset, Hourglass Silhouette, Regular

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SKU: NHR-027 / Manuf: TUR2-007

Sepia Stripes Corset Lite

Rich brown taffeta with alternating crème cotton panels, perfect for a steampunk or renaissance look! Featuring one layer of high quality cotton twill that’s laminated to the outer fashion fabric, double steel-boned and a full waist tape. It’s the same Hourglass silhouette you know and love, but with a new slim construction. Lighter, leaner, more affordable, and just as strong as any Timeless Trends corset.

Corset Built For Shape & Comfort

  • Double steel boning

  • 20 flexible steel stays for comfort and support

  • 6 steel stays support grommets and busk

  • ½” wide flexible steel busk

  • Waist tape for additional support at waistline

2 Layers Of Laminated Fabric

A layer of high quality cotton twill laminated to fashion fabric

Front Modesty Placket

Perfectly hides skin or clothing behind busk


  • 6 Garter Straps

  • Black laces