About Timeless Trends Corsets

Timeless Trends Corsets has set the standard for off-the-rack tight lacing corsets. We have perfected our design and quality so well that we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our corsets. Our corporate office and warehouse are located in Austin, TX. Because we do not have a physical storefront at this time, in-person fittings are by appointment only (send us an email or give us a call!) and must be scheduled in advance during our regular office hours. Same day appointments are not always possible.

Our corsets are designed for tight lacing and can be used for waist training. They are constructed with spiral steel boning, flat/spring steel boning next to the grommets and busk for additional support, and steel busks for quality. Our flexible spiral steel boning helps conform the corset to your shape for added comfort. We use three layers of fabric to construct our corsets for quality and durability. We always use a high quality cotton for our inner layer. We also sew in waist tape along the center of the corset.

How Our Corsets Fit:

Our corsets will give most body types a beautiful hourglass shape. Read on for more information about the best corset for your shape.

Our under bust corsets will pull in the waist and push the breasts up and out. Our over bust corsets will pull in the waist and give the breasts a more pushed in look increasing the cleavage line. Read on for more information about sizing.

Lifetime Guarantee:

Our corsets are made to be worn daily. If you ever experience a defect with your corset we'll replace it for you for life! So feel free to wear your corset as much as you'd like. Read on

Return Policy:

We offer 45 days for returns so you'll have plenty of time to try out your new corset. We offer full refunds but you'll be responsible for shipping your order back to us. Read on

Our Factory:

We have a wonderful factory in Thailand. We own the factory and do not outsource any of our production to other factories. We are there all the time buying fabrics and designing new items. We have a great staff that truly enjoy working with us and the work conditions are on par with US conditions.

We do not have many employees at the factory and the few that we have are very experienced in what they do. We could not create such high quality corsets under any other conditions.

Corset Factory

Curious to see more of the factory? Lucy of Lucy's Corsetry filmed this video during a trip in the summer of 2015, which includes a brief tour of the factory.