All About Busks and Closures

All About Busks and Closures

Ever wondered what the difference was between a busk closure or a clasp? Or wondered how one worked versus the other? Or maybe you just want to know which options we offer? The following is a simple description of each closure option we offer. Please Note: All options can come in both Overbust and Underbust silhouettes and all corsets use a half-inch flexible steel busk base.


Busks refers to the front closures you see on most corsets. They are considered a traditional closure and use a simple loop and stud system to keep your corset closed. We use half-inch, flexible steel busks in all of our corsets. They are preferred for stealthing under clothing but can be harder to close, especially for those that have trouble with fine motor skills or have hand pain, etc.


BRASS or SILVER Swing-Arm Clasps 

Our Swing-Arm Clasps are both functional and decorative! This closure is fun to look at and is also easy to open and close! They are heavier than a traditional busk and typically cannot be used for stealthing under clothes during the day as they are a bit chunky.



The Industrial Strength zipper closure is another closure that is beloved by those lacking fine motor skills as it is easier to close than a traditional busk system and can be used for stealthing as well. Of course, some just prefer it for its looks. Only in silver (for now).



A front lace closure system could also be considered a “traditional” closure, though it has never been as popular as the simple busk system as it usually has to be at least partially unlaced in front to get it on over the head, or entirely re-laced to get it around the body like a traditional corset. Because of this it is considered less functional than other closures but is beautiful and decorative. When choosing the front-lace closure for your Design-It-Yourself corset, the front laces will match your selection for the back laces unless otherwise specified.

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