Gemini Silhouette Details

The Gemini Line by Lucy's Corsetry Lucia Corsetti

Designed by corset guru, Lucy of Lucy's Corsetry, the Gemini Collection offers an impressive 8.5" rib spring, 12" upper hip spring (measured 2 inches below waist, for a bonafide "hip shelf), 14" hip spring (measured 3 inches below waist), and finally a 16" lower hip spring! These luscious corsets cover the hips and give the look of a long corset while remaining the same length as our standard cut corsets. You do not have to have a long torso to fit this longline--it will fit anyone with an underbust to lap length of 9" or more.

The Twins Are Not Identical / Which Is Right For You?


Body Shape: The Gemini Collection is designed for experienced or naturally curvy corset wearers. This silhouette requires a high hip measurement of at least 10 inches greater than the natural waist measurement to fit properly. 

Straight Rib: This cut offers a conical shape from the underbust to the waist. Perfect for those with smaller or more flexible ribcages.

Cupped Rib: This cut cups over the ribcage and creates a stunning curve into the waist. Perfect for those with larger or more inflexible ribcages.