How to Use Hip and Rib Springs for Sizing

Hip and rib springs refer to the difference between the circumference of the ribcage, the underbust, or the hip measurement when compared to the waist measurement of the closed corset.  

Assume the waist measurement is zero.  With a 4" rib spring, the underbust measurement would be 4". With a 7" hip spring the hip measurement would be 7".

Therefore, if you order a size 30 corset, the underbust would be 34", and the hips would be 37" if the corset was completely closed.  We recommend a lacing gap of between 1.5" and 3" for comfort which provides for additional flexibility in sizing, and needs to be taken into consideration.

Using the size 30 example with a 2" lacing gap, the waist would measure 32", underbust 36" and hips 39".  Generally, the underbust and the hips do not have the give (squish) that you get with the waist which makes it important to understand the rib and hip spring measurements to get a good fit.  You want reduction in the waist while the fit in the ribs and hips should just be snug. 

To use the rib and hips springs for sizing first measure yourself using our tutorial  How to Measure Yourself.  Once you have your measurements; underbust, natural waist and high hip, use the sizing chart below to find the corset size that corresponds to your waist measurement. 

Notice that there are different sizes for each different silhouette. Each silhouette has different hip and rib springs.



 Natural Waist Slim and Slim Overbust  Hourglass (including Overbust  & Novice) Gemini* & Libra
21" - 22" 18 N/A N/A
23" - 24" 20 18 N/A
25" - 26" 22 20 18
27" - 28" 24 22 20
29" - 30" 26 24 22
31" - 32" 28 26 24
33" - 35" 30 28 26
36" - 37" 32 30 28
38" - 39" 34 32 30
40" - 41" 36 34 32
42" - 45" 38 36 34
46" - 48" 40 38 36
49" - 51" 42 40 38
52" - 55" N/A 42 40

 *In order for the Gemini to fit properly, your hips MUST be at least 10" greater than your waist.

Now find the Hip and Rib Springs for your preferred silhouette using the chart below.


Hip and Rib Springs Chart

Slim Short Slim and Slim Overbust  Hourglass Short Hourglass (including Novice) Hourglass Overbust Gemini Regular Libra
Bust (Breast) Springs

Small - 7"

Medium - 9"

Large - 11"

Rib Springs 2" 4" 4" 6.5" 8" 10"
Hip Springs 3" 7" 7" 10" 11" 12" 11"

Now that you have your measurements, the corset size based upon your waist measurement, and the hip and rib springs for your preferred silhouette, it is now time to do the math. 

Using the Hourglass Silhouette (our most popular silhouette) take your corset size and add the rib springs to the size (size 30 + 6.5 = 36.5).  This is the underbust measurement.  Then do the same for the hip springs (size 30 + 10 = 40) this is your hip measurement.

Compare these to your actual underbust and hip measurements.  If they are the same as your actual measurements you will not have any lacing gap.  If they are more than your actual measurements, the corset will be too large. 

If they are less than your measurements the difference will be your lacing gap.  AGAIN:  We recommend a 1.5" to 3" lacing gap to properly support your spine without putting pressure on it.

To fine tune your sizing, go up or down a corset size and do the math until you find the size that is going to give you the best fit. 

If the hourglass doesn't give you a good fit, try the other silhouettes following this process until you get the silhouette and size that is going to give you the best fit at your underbust and hips, remembering that you have additional adjustments with the lacing to get the best comfort in your corset.

The length of the corset comes into play for sizing once you get into the long lengths.  The Slim and Hourglass Long silhouettes have hip ties to provide for additional hip adjustments.  The hip ties provide up to an additional 3 inches of adjustment on each side to give a better fit for those who have broader hips. 

The Gemini was specifically designed for those who have a difference of at least 10" between their waist and hip measurements, or for those who are experienced corset wearers that want the most dramatic waist reduction.

To size for the Gemini Long, use the following springs (all measured from the bottom of the waist tape):
  • Rib spring: 8.5 inches (about 5" above the waistline)
  • Upper hip spring: 12 inches (about 3" below the waistline)
  • Lower hip spring: 16 inches (about 6" below the waistline)

If math was never your strong subject, or if this How To has only caused more sizing confusion, email us at with your measurements and we will be happy to work with you to find the best fit and get you the curves you deserve.