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I’m new to corsetry, where do I begin?

The best place to begin is our sizing page. Corset sizing is different than clothing and will require some measuring; these measurements will assist in selecting the right silhouette* for your needs and body type.  Once you’ve chosen your silhouette, you can determine what length* will best suit your body and needs.     

*More info regarding silhouette selection can be found on our blog. 
* Length specifics can be found below under the question "What are the differences between waspie, standard and long length corsets?"


What is the difference between silhouettes?

We carry 3 different silhouettes: hourglass, slim, and Gemini.  The differences lie in the pattern construction, waist reductions offered, hip and rib springs* and usage.

*Please see our blog for definition of hip and rib springs.


Which silhouette is right for me?

The hourglass is our most popular silhouette by far due to its dramatic and classic shape.  Appropriate for beginner or experienced corset wearers and all uses.

The slim (previously known as ‘gentle’) creates an overall slimming effect with a less dramatic nip of the waist.  Appropriate for all uses.

The Gemini is recommended for experienced corset wearers only with a minimum of a 10-inch difference between the natural waist measurement and the hip measurement.


What kind of waist reduction does each silhouette offer?

Hourglass: up to 6 inches*

Slim: up to 4 inches*

Gemini: up to 8 inches*

*Results are approximate, not guaranteed.  Results vary person to person and are dependent on multiple factors.


What are the differences between waspie, standard and longline length corsets?

Waspie: 8.25-inch-long center front; recommended for shorter torsos or as a waist cincher*

Standard: 11.5-inch-long center front; recommended for average length torsos*

Longline: 13-inch-long center front; recommended for longer torsos*

*All measurements are approximate and may vary slightly by product.


How do I measure myself for a corset?

Please see our sizing page.


How do I determine my corset size?

Corset sizes are determined by subtracting 4-8 inches (dependent upon silhouette) from the natural waistline.  Detailed size charts are available on our sizing page.


What is your size range?

We carry corsets in sizes 18-42 which translates to a natural waist range of 21-55 inches.


How do I lace up and remove my corset?

Please see corset care page for more details.


Can I lace up my corset by myself?

Yes! It takes some practice but can absolutely be done.  Here’s a video link to help get you started.



Can Timeless Trends corsets be used for waist training?

Yes! Timeless Trends corsets are constructed with flexible spiral steel stays, a steel busk, waist tape and 3 layers of fabric, with the exception of the novice, which consists of two layers.  Our corsets are durable enough for everyday use and are covered by a lifetime guarantee.


What are the different uses for corsets?

Corsets can be used as shapewear, for waist-training, fashion, cosplay, burlesque, costuming or just for fun!


Are corsets considered lingerie?

While corsets can be worn as lingerie, they are not strictly an undergarment.  Our corsets can be worn under or over clothes and as a garment.


What can I wear my corset with?

Corsets can be worn under your clothing as an alternative to shapewear (stealthing), as an article of clothing or over clothing as a fashion piece or accessory.


How do I create an account?

To create an account, click here https://timeless-trends.com/account/register.  Be sure to sign up for our free newsletter to be the first to find out about promotions, discounts and product launches and our blog posts.

(Please note that TT will not have access to your passwords so keep them safe and secure!) 


How can I recover an account from the previous website?

A change in shopping cart providers prevented us from transferring over existing passwords for the sake of customer security.  To connect to a previous account, please e-mail us at suppport@timeless-trends.com and we’ll send you an invite.  A password change will be required.


Do you offer fittings?

We sure do!  E-mail us at support@timeless-trends.com to schedule a fitting today!


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do.


What is the average shipping time?

Your order will be picked and ready for shipment in 1 to 3 business days.  The actual time to delivery is based upon your choice of carrier.  Domestic shipments typically take between 1-3 business days.  International shipments will take longer.


What is your return policy?

Unworn corsets can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of original purchase date.  Corsets in the Goodbye Collection are final sale. 


Are any of your fabrics cruelty-free?

We carry a cotton corset (the black cotton novice) that would be considered cruelty-free.


Where are your corsets manufactured?

Our corsets are manufactured in Thailand by an affiliated partner of Timeless Trends.


Do you sell wholesale?

We do not sell wholesale.


Do you accept special orders?

Currently, we do not accept special orders.  However, if we are out of, or do not carry your size, please contact us directly at support@timeless-trends.com and we can order it from the factory for you.


Do your photos accurately reflect the true colors of your corsets?

As with any photography, the lighting effects the perception of the colors of our corsets, and we take care to try and provide as much information possible to ensure you get the right corset for your use.  If you have a particular outfit you are trying to match, we will be happy to offer suggestions, or you can send a swatch of the color you are trying to match.  Contact support@timeless-trends.com and we will work with you to find the perfect corset for you.