Lifetime Guarantee

Corsets are our passion! We are known for the high quality, durability, and comfortable fit of our steel boned corsets, which are suitable for tight lacing and waist training. We believe in our product so much that all of our corsets come with a lifetime guarantee! Our Lifetime Guarantee is in place so that you can feel confident in wearing your Timeless Trends corsets as often as you would like, without worry.



Our Lifetime Guarantee ensures that should you find a manufacturer's defect you are welcome to return the corset to us. We cover any and all manufacturing defects! We guarantee that the busk and bones will not break, the seams will not rip, and the grommets will not pull out.

Depending on the nature of your claim, we will either repair, replace or refund the cost of the corset.

Your corset can only be replaced with the same style and size. If the corset you purchased is out of stock or discontinued, we reserve the right to refund the price paid for the item, or we will issue you store credit and ask you to select a similar corset for the same value and size from our existing inventory.



As soon as you notice a defect, please email immediately. We will need from you:

  • a photograph of the defect
  • a photo the internal corset labels
  • your original order number.
We will then be able to process your claim in a timely manner and guide you on next steps.



If a defect has occurred within 30 days of your purchase date, we will either refund the cost of the corset including shipping, or we will pay shipping costs both ways using standard shipping for our US retail customers only. Please be sure to provide us with a valid tracking number for your return.

Outside of the 30 day period, domestic and international customers will be responsible for shipping fees to return the damaged corset to Timeless Trends and for the shipping cost for the replacement corset.

Due to the high costs of shipping for international customers we may not send a replacement but will credit the customer for the cost paid for the corset.



Lifetime Guarantees will only be honored for the original purchaser (customer) of the corset.  If you purchased your corset from anyone other than directly from Timeless Trends, you will need to contact that person for returns.



As with any high-quality item of clothing you might find that your corset experiences some wear and tear over time. While showing casual wear is not covered by our warranty, any excessive wear or wear/tear that occurs too soon (within the first year of ownership) is covered.

We will not be responsible for excessive use/abuse or extreme wear of the corset. The first two LT claims on the same order will be honored; after two claims by a customer, the situation will be assessed to determine misuse of the corset. Refer to our Corset Care Guide to ensure proper use and care of your corset.

Only corsets are covered by our Lifetime Guarantee. Accessories and other non-corset items are not covered by our Lifetime Guarantee. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions at

Thank you,

Timeless Trends Team

 updated: 3/10/2024