Libra Silhouette Details

The Libra Silhouette was designed through a collaboration between Lucy's Corsetry and Timeless-Trends.   Lucy has provided the below detail description of the corset and what makes the Libra special.

 Lucia Corsetti


Libra represents symmetry and balance, and this corset silhouette is named the Libra as it is an answer to those who have balanced measurements between their ribcage and hips. While doing research on OTR corsets, I noticed the following regarding most corsets with the same or similar measurements between the ribs and hips:

  • most only accommodate reductions up to ~7 inches
  • most are only available for long torso lengths (11 inches or more)
  • most are typically marketed towards gentlemen and they have a stereotypically masculine shape
Where the Gemini corset filled a "hole" in the corset industry that had previously neglected short-waisted and pear-shaped individuals who wanted the "longline" look and support, the Libra corset also serves a previously neglected body type: those who have a comparatively full ribcage or narrow hips, can accommodate waist reductions that result in a rib springs of 10 inches, and those who also may have a shorter torso. The Libra was created as an answer to all of these.
The Libra is "shorter than a standard but longer than a waspie" (people with longer torsos can still wear the Libra and it will fit them like a cincher!). The Libra also accommodates more of a waist reduction compared to the hourglass longline corset with the hip ties closed (10" rib spring and 11" hip spring, as opposed to 6.5" rib spring and 7" hip spring).
The Libra is also more androgynous and neutral in its style and pattern, and this is deliberate -- I wanted the Libra to be an option for everyone who has the proportions for it. The Libra was tested on many people of different sizes, heights, and genders to ensure that it suited a wide range of people.
The Libra's silhouette also features a comfortable, gently rounded ribcage that you've come to know and love with Timeless Trends corsets.
The Libra may be right for (do check your measurements before ordering though!):
  • athletic women who may have a muscular back, especially developed latissimus dorsi muscles (this would be suitable for waist training prior to fitness competitions)
  • nonbinary individuals who like to wear corsets but do not want a style that is overly feminine nor overly masculine
  • drag queens who would like a dramatic waist reduction and may not want to pad out their hips or have to wear an OTR corset upside down for it to fit better
  • anyone who has developed a barrel chest (congenitally or through swimming, playing a brass instrument, singing professionally, etc) and a comparatively narrow pelvis



The Libra is also cut nearly straight across the top edge and gently rounded on the bottom edge, making it great for "stealthing" under clothing (no pesky points sticking out!). While the Libra does not feature a high back, I've improved my patterning techniques so the corset has more room in the side and back to contain the flesh where most of the "muffin" tends to occur. As always, the Libra has sandwiched bones to make the construction as smooth and lump-free as possible.



Previously, our primary black colorway was a cashmere blend, but we decided to release the black Libra corset in 100% cotton - so those with sensitive skin, allergies to wool, or those who don't wear animal products can wear the black with peace of mind.

(Please note that all steel-boned corsets contain nickel, but ours are galvanized (spiral) or nylon-coated (flat steels), and sandwiched between multiple layers of fabric so they are never directly against the body.)




Center front: 11 inches

Princess seam: 9.5 inches

Side seam: 9.5 inches

Center back: 12 inches



Rib spring: 10 inches

Hip spring: 11 inches