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Measurements: A Step-by-Step Guide

Cheers Corset Lovers!

Last week we talked silhouettes; this week we're building on that with a step-by-step guide to measuring yourself to find the correct corset size.  Measurements can be taken in your undergarments or with a tight fitting top.  Wear a bra while taking underbust and bust measurements.  A mirror is not necessary but is helpful.  If you do not have access to a soft measuring tape, please follow this link for tips on how to measure without one.

Step 1: Measuring your natural waistline

Your natural waistline is the area below your ribcage and above your hip bones.  Stand straight and exhale to relax the abdomen muscles.  Hold the 0 end of your soft tape measure in one hand and wrap it around your waist until it meets the zero end.  Ensure the tape measure is flush against your skin and in a straight line.  Keep it taut but not tight.  The point at which they meet is your natural waist measurement; jot it down.

Step 2:  Measuring your underbust (ribcage)

As the name implies, the ribcage measurement is taken under the bustline.  Wrap the tape measure along the underbust keeping it parallel with the ground and your waistline.  Using a mirror is the surest way to confirm that the tape measure is flat and parallel.  Record your measurement. 

Step 3: Measuring your hips


When measuring the hips for a corset, you want to measure the 'high' hip.  This is the area at the top of the hip curve or the iliac crest.  Use a mirror to ensure the measuring tape is flat and parallel as you wrap it around your iliac crests.  Jot down this measurement.

Step 4:  Measuring the Length of Your Torso

Hold the 0 end of your measuring tape with one hand under your bust and drop it down to your hip flexor.  Try not to bend while checking the measurement as this may cause a variance in your true torso length.  Ideally, your corset should not be longer than the length of your torso or it will begin to interfere with your ability to sit.

Step 5: Measuring Your Bust

Stand with your back straight; wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust ensuring that it is parallel to the ground.  Bring the ends together, placing your thumb beneath the tape measure to keep from pulling it too tightly.  Record the measurement.

To determine your cup size, round your bust measurement up to the nearest whole number.  Subtract your underbust measurement from your rounded up bust measurement.  Record that number.  A difference of 1 inch = an A cup, 2 inch = B cup, 3 inch = C cup, 4 inch = D cup and so on.


Hooray!  You've officially taken every measurement needed for every kind of corset!!  Now that you have your measurements, you're ready to check out our sizing chart to find your perfect corset!
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Thank you for being wonderful!


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