Silhouettes 101

Silhouettes 101

Hourglass, Gemini, Slim, oh my! 

Variety is the spice of life but more choices can sometimes equal more confusion.  So, how do you figure out which silhouette will work best for you?  That's where we step in!  We're going to compare and describe each corset silhouette to help you make your most informed decision.

Timeless Trends offers 3 silhouettes: Slim, Hourglass and the Gemini

1.  Slim

The original Timeless Trends silhouette, the slim (previously called 'gentle') is the least curvy of the silhouettes with a 4 inch rib spring and 7 inch hip spring.  Ideal for shapewear, support or as a fashion piece.

2.  Hourglass

Our most popular silhouette by far, the hourglass creates a dramatic waistline with a 6.5 inch rib spring and 10 inch hip spring.  Ideal for waist training, stealthing, cosplay, burlesque and so much more!

3.  Gemini

Designed by Lucy of Lucy's Corsetry, the Gemini silhouette is our curviest and most dramatic silhouette with an 8 inch hip spring and 12 inch hip spring.  The Gemini has 32 steel bones as opposed to the usual 26 bones.  Extra spirals in the center of some panels provide extra vertical tension to the corset, preventing wrinkling or buckling of the fabric and ensuring it stays smooth to the body. Please note that this silhouette requires a high hip measurement of at least 10 inches greater than the natural waist measurement to fit properly.


What creates a corsets shape? 

The pattern and the shapes that the fabric is cut into that create a corset's shape while the bones support the fabric when being worn, keeping the corset smooth and comfortable.  Bones or stays serve to support the vertical tension of the corset so that when you're laced in and it's cinching your waist the corset doesn't crumple up at the waistline.  

What are rib and hip springs?

 'Springs' refer to the difference between the circumferential measurement of the ribcage/underbust measurement or hip measurement when compared to the waist measurement and can be used to estimate the closed measurements of a corset.  For example, a size 30 corset with a 4 inch rib spring and 7 inch hip spring should measure approximately 34 inches at the underbust, 30 inches at the waist and 37 inches at the hips when fully closed.  

  The Novice

The Novice is NOT a different silhouette but rather is a variation of our classic hourglass silhouette.  Unlike the classic hourglass, the Novice is constructed with two layers of fabric versus three.  Still covered by our lifetime guarantee, the Novice is just as durable as the classic hourglass but requires little to no seasoning.  Previously called the 'lite' the Novice is ideal for beginners to corsetry or for waist training.  

Stay tuned for more details regarding sizing and the differentiation between corset lengths.  As always, we LOVE seeing you in our corset so tag us at #ttcorsets to be featured on our website! 

Thank you for being wonderful! 

Love and corset hugs,





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