Corset Cleaning and Care

Corset Cleaning and Care

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your corsets there are a few different levels from regular maintenance all the way to a necessary deep clean. There are a few things to know about our corsets and corset materials before tossing them in the washer/dryer (please don’t do this; it could ruin your corset). The outside material of your corset can be found in the corset description on our website and special care instructions should be followed for each fabric. The inside lining is high quality cotton twill and typical cotton care instructions should be followed. Finally, the inside boning and lacing grommets are made of quality steel with a galvanized powder coating to make them rust resistant (not rust proof).  

General Maintenance:
To keep your corset in tip-top shape, store it gently rolled up in a corset bag to help it keep its shape and protect it from dust and oils. Lint rollers work wonders to pick up hairs and fibers; storing a fresh dryer sheet in the bag with your corset will keep it smelling fresh. It is very important you always store your corset absolutely dry to protect its steel boning and the fabric of the corset. Corsets are made with two and three layers of fabric and even a small wet spot due to sweat or splashed water can cause a mildew smell if stored improperly. It is a very good idea to air out your corset in a well-ventilated, dry area after each time you wear it to be safe.

PRO TIP: If simply drying out your corset isn’t enough to keep the funk away, then keep a spray bottle full of rubbing alcohol on hand. This works wonders for people that wear corsets in the heat, or for work, that might sweat in them all day.  After taking off your corset, thoroughly spray the inside with rubbing alcohol before you air out your corset. The rubbing alcohol will evaporate and dry quickly, taking the smell away and killing the funk. This is the same trick roller derby girls use to refresh their knee pads.

Stains and Spot Cleaning:
The key to most Stains is to attack quickly, preferably while the stain is still fresh. We have had success with both bleach sticks and stain removing wipes such as Tide to go® and Shout™ Wipes. Some stains can even be removed with just a rub from a dryer sheet. Always test the detergent on a small, hidden spot for each fabric and avoid detergents that shouldn’t be used with your fabric (bleach on cashmere, for example). For larger or more severe stains a strong mix of water and liquid dish soap may be used. Saturate the stain with the mixture, treating and/or pre-treating as necessary. Again I will stress the importance of drying this area once the stain has been defeated.

PRO TIP: If you are especially messy, wear one of our vinyl corsets. Just about anything can be wiped off of vinyl with a warm, damp cloth.
Finally, sometimes a corset just needs a bath. This should be a rare occurrence as it invites the most opportunities for mildew and rust if the entire corset isn’t quickly and thoroughly dried. As stated earlier, our steel boning and grommets are powder coated and rust resistant but not rust-proof. Therefore, the less amount of time spent submerged in water, the better. Gently hand wash in warm soapy water or preferred cleaning solution for your corset’s fashion fabric. Rinse well and rinse quickly with clean warm water and thoroughly dry in a warm, well-ventilated area.
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