Fall Fashion Dos and Don'ts

Fall Fashion Dos and Don'ts

Everyone knows about the existence of those arbitrary fashion “rules”. The dos and don’ts to follow for each year and each season. Some of them change depending on the whims of runway designers while others were implemented long ago and only occasionally still followed today.

The most infamous (and arguably the most arbitrary) of these everlasting rules will be familiar to most Americans: Never wear white after Labor Day. According to this article by Kathy Benjamin the rule was entirely made up by the socially elite women of the early 1900’s. Specifically, the rich women that were considered “Old Money” came up with this rule specifically to feel even more elite than the “New Money” women who were not a part of the same social circles. Coco Chanel famously (or perhaps infamously) wore white all year long. So, if you want to be like “Old Money” then don’t wear white after Labor Day. But if you want to be like Coco Chanel then look at our amazing White Satin and Pastel colored corsets. 


Of course, other Dos and Don’ts come and go with the season or the year. According to many online fashionistxs, the iridescent/holographic trend has returned from the early 2000’s and will be gracing the pages of our magazines for a while. According to me, it never went out of style and I’ve been rocking it since I saw my first holographic Pokémon Card. Whether or not I prefer Holographic or Iridescent is hard to say but either way, we’ve got you covered. According to some people that pay attention to designer trends, gold hues will also be big this autumn; hit two trends at once with the Iridescent Champagne corset.


In all seriousness though, there are a few things that simply go with this season and will look great with your corsets. Scarves are a great seasonal accessory that also helps to cover up some of the exposed chest area. Boots have been worn with corsets in this season for as long as the two have existed together. Pumpkin spice lattes have also been a seasonal fall staple since the dawn of time, and will accessorize well with your corset as long as it stays in the cup and not on yourself. Pro tip: If you’re clumsy like me and don’t trust yourself not to spill then forgo the latte altogether and get this corset which is basically just a pumpkin spice latte in spirit. 

Lastly, remember this final and most important rule:

Do: Wear whatever makes you happy
Don’t: Worry about following made-up fashion rules
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