Halloween Corset Costumes

Halloween Corset Costumes


As with all things in life, Halloween comes in multiple shades, levels and forms. Some go all out with their costumes - creating detailed and complicated projects each year, while others are happy wearing themed jewelry to the office and call it a day. No matter which end of the Halloween costume spectrum you are on, you can instantly enhance your outfit with the addition of a corset.

For those who like to thrift their costumes each year, there are so many options. One of my personal favorites is an “oldie-but-a-goodie”: Halloween Bride. This is fun and versatile because you can go so many ways with it, simply depending on the wedding gown you find at Goodwill (or your preferred local thrift shop). Find the biggest, poofiest, most obnoxious dress possible, then tease your hair as big as possible, wear as much makeup as possible. Enhance your chest with one of our bridal corsets and Boom: Texas Bride. Switch it up with your dress and do Undead Zombie Bride or All White Ghostly La Llorona Bride… the Bride Halloween Costume ideas are pretty much endless and pretty much all fun!

Easier, quick costumes are fun too! Use your existing wardrobe and a corset you already own to instantly become Catwoman (all black clothes, black corset, drawn on cat whiskers) or a Scarecrow (baggy clothes, coordinating corset, straw hat, decorative hay-colored filler or fake autumn flowers) or even your favorite Power Puff Girl (black corset plus a dress in blue, green or pink, matching hair-do)! 

Of course, sometimes it’s just as much fun not to dress up as anything or anyone in particular and to just be “in the spirit!” Wear your favorite Halloween accessories with a black outfit and a matching corset! You could always visit our Goodbye Collection, buy a corset on sale, and then distress it or stain it to look Super Spooky™.


Of course, if going all out is your thing we’ve got options for you too! Dressing up as a favorite character from comics, movies or anime? Design the perfect corset for your costume or cosplay with our Design It Yourself corset option. Not only do you get to pick your silhouette and size, you pick your fabric, laces and front closures! Or fall in love with one of our already designed Custom Order corsets and create a costume around that! Do you love Dragons? Grab some scaly reptilian wings, a fantastic outfit and killer face makeup and be a Silver DragonRed Dragon or Black Dragon! (Order custom corsets AS SOON AS POSSIBLE for your Halloween plans as they can take up to 30 days to receive!)

No matter your dedication to your costume or your Halloween plans, a corset is a versatile accessory and probably a great addition to your outfit. Going to a party? Show off your curves! Handing out candy all night? You could use the back support! Doing nothing, just working? Stealth your corset and feel fabulous. Whether you’re using an old corset or splurging for a new one, we’re here for you. Make sure you get your corset in time for your Halloween plans and allow plenty of time for shipping!

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