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Help! Which SLIM Overbust Cup Size Is Right For Me?

So, you're thinking about getting a slim overbust corset? You've checked our sizing chart, measured your waist, picked a size... but maybe you still aren't sure whether to get a small, medium, or large cup size on your slim overbust corset.

 **Please note this cup sizing refers only to the Slim Overbust. Cup sizing for the Hourglass Overbust is based upon the breast springs and tends to run large.  For sizing assistance on the Hourglass Overbust please see our How to Use Use Hip and Rib Springs. 

The easiest, most basic way to find out is to use the cup size on your favorite bra as a guide and compare to this chart:


Overbust size S

 A and B cup

Overbust size M

 C cup

Overbust size L

 D cup and up



Of course maybe that chart doesn't help you because you are new to having breasts or buying this for someone else with breasts or maybe you just went through life without wearing bras. More power to you. Here is a chart with fruits in comparable sizes: 


Overbust size S

 Lemons or Small Oranges

Overbust size M


Overbust size L




Finally, when it comes to a perfect, personalized fit, there are always nuances to think about. In this case, things to think about include:


            Your personal breast and nipple shape.
                        No two breasts are really, truly, perfectly identical. Nature is imperfect and plastic surgeons are still only human. Therefore, some might find they need more coverage than others if they have larger areolas or high nipple placement. For example, a colleague of mine wears a B cup usually and yet the edge of the overbust comes very close to her nipple while I do not have this problem even though I am in the melon category with somewhat large areolas.   


            How much skin you do you want to show?

                        When wearing an overbust corset with nothing beneath it, there is quite a bit of chest and shoulder and yes, cleavage, that is exposed. Some people are comfortable with this and even prefer it (hi, that's me) while others prefer a bit more coverage. Some people make up for this with jackets or capelets or sheer tops or even large necklaces to feel comfortable. Others prefer to wear an overbust corset over a top, jumper or dress to keep a normal amount of everyday coverage which is a super cute look too!




            What kind of support are you looking for?

                        The kind of support offered by an overbust corset is not the same as your everyday bra. There are no defined cups here and no straps, so the weight is taken off of your shoulders and held up and against the chest by the lacing in the back. This is where your fit becomes customizable. The best thing you can do is play around here and find what you like best. Personally, I prefer my corset to be tighter just beneath my bust at my rib cage and just a touch looser at the top so “the girls” don't spill over the top edge too much. Be advised that your cleavage will look different than a bra, even a push up bra, but can be arranged and coordinated with the lacing to get the perfect look.


If you still have questions after considering all of this, feel free to ask us on social media or email us at support@timeless-trends.com. And after that, once you've received your corset and have achieved your look, please share on social media and tag us @timelesstrends or use #myttcorset in your post!