Sugar and Spice - Mesh Corset Outfit Inspiration

Sugar and Spice - Mesh Corset Outfit Inspiration


 Cheers Lovelies!

You asked and we listened!  Timeless Trends is now carrying mesh corsets!  Made in our classic hourglass silhouette, the open mesh corset is breathable, flexible and supportive.  There are a plethora of ways to wear this beauty but today I'm going to focus on two.  

Corsets are extremely versatile and can easily transition from underwear to outerwear and vice versa.  'Stealthing' AKA wearing your corset under your garments unbeknownst to anyone, is a common way to season your corset, waist train, or simply to achieve your desired silhouette.

Open Mesh Corset by Timeless Trends.  Dress by Hell Bunny. Purse by Killstar.  Earrings by Decadent Mini.  Bow Ring by Etsy.  Neck Scarf by Dolls Kill.  Fur Mules by Dolls Kill.


Corsets are too beautiful to only be worn under clothes.  Put this beautiful piece of construction on display by adding it to your wardrobe as a fun, fashion accessory.  An elastic waistband, like the one on the trousers featured, allows for easier removal for, ahem, bathroom breaks and the like.  Likewise, they're easier to slide back up under the corset if they aren't low rise enough to sit below the hem.  A bodysuit is ideal because it adds no bulk and generally snaps or velcros on, which also allows for more functionality.

Timeless Trends open mesh corset outfit inspiration - spice

 Open Mesh Corset by Timeless Trends.  Midi Claw Rings by ArmaMedusa.  Cuff by Hi Tek London.  Harley Quinn Bag by Rebels Market.  Joggers by Kiki Riki.  Bodysuit by Lazy Oaf.  Zebra booties by Office.  Flames wallet by LederkunstAO.  Lips Compact on Etsy.  Snake Earrings by Rebels Market.


Stay tuned for more great content!  In the meantime, let us know how YOU wear your favorite Timeless Trends corset.  


Thank you for being wonderful!

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