The Novice

The Novice

            The Novice corset is a design by Timeless Trends made exclusively for Timeless Trends. It was designed to be a lighter weight, high quality, “pre-seasoned” corset. Flexible and adaptable, The Novice is made of only two layers of high quality fabric instead of the heavier and more standard three layer corsets. This makes it a thinner alternative that still gives a waist reduction on par with that of a regular Hourglass corset and makes it popular to wear for a long time or in the heat. Of course, as with all of our corsets, the Novice comes with our lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects. 

             The Novice has another benefit, the one that initially drove its development - affordability.  We understand that new corset wearers are concerned with our higher-than-mass-produced-corsets price point and wanted to offer a corset that meets our demanding, high quality standards while also providing an affordable choice for customers that may be new to corsetry.

            For many years the Novice was called “The Gentle” corset.  Earlier this year we wanted to correct the misconceptions that this name implied.  Customers expected the “Gentle” Corset to have a more relaxed silhouette similar to The Slim, but the corset is designed in the dramatic Hourglass silhouette for maximum waist reduction.  There is nothing ‘Gentle’ about the Novice other than its impact upon your wallet.  Because the Novice requires little or no seasoning, and has an introductory price point we decided that the “The Novice” more closely described how we saw the corset: a perfect introduction point for new members of the corset community.

            The novice, as its name implies, is perfect for a new corset wearer, but also for a seasoned tight-lacer on a budget. It is versatile and effective, creating a dramatic waist reduction with quality steel boning like any other Timeless Trends corset, with our lifetime guarantee and an affordable price.

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