Can I wear a corset?

Can I wear a corset?

Our customers vary in heights, body types, ethnicities and genders, to name a few, but every one of them are the exact same because NOBODY is exempt from wearing corsets.  Am I too “big” to wear a corset?  Am I too thin to wear a corset?  Can I wear your women’s corsets if I am a man or do I have to wear a men’s corset?  The answer to all those questions and any other “can I” questions is: YES, YOU CAN!

Our high quality, steel-boned corsets are the perfect choice for every person; they help emphasize and enhance natural curves while giving an entirely new meaning and feeling of the term powerful!  Our most popular silhouette, the hourglass silhouette, is designed to be anatomically shaped and accurate for bodies of all people while providing a more comfortable fit over the rib-cage, support for the lumbar region of the back, a flatter stomach area and a dramatically defined hip.  There is something so satisfying when seeing a cinched waist, uplifted bust and proper posture!  We all have been told that the way to show confidence and power is to stand up nice and tall, shoulders back…whelp, there you go!

We pride ourselves on being able to provide almost everyone with the corset they desire.  Do you have a size 18” waist?  We have a corset for you.  Do you have a size 55” waist?  We have a corset for you.  Although sizing yourself for a corset will prove to be the most difficult part of purchasing a corset, there are a few simple steps to finding your proper corset size: measure (in inches) where your waist dips in at the sides while remaining relaxed.  This is your natural waist measurement.  Reduce your waist measurement by 4-5” for our hourglass silhouette and 3-4” for our slim silhouette.  I have linked our sizing chart and how to size guide here for more in depth information.

  Now let me quickly touch on the subject of men vs women corsets.  In short, to us, there are no differences.  Although we offer corsets specifically labeled men’s corsets, all our product can be considered unisex.  It was important for me to mention this as the other day my colleagues and I were talking about the labels of our product.  One colleague asked, “why do we distinguish our product with men/women labels?”  I wholeheartedly couldn’t find the correct answer because in my opinion, there is no correct answer!  Timeless Trends is an ALL INCLUSIVE business and I quickly realized that with such labels the word inclusive just flew out the window.  So yes, men, you CAN and SHOULD wear our corsets labeled women corsets.  It should also be noted that we will be discussing this label quandary in our beginning of the week team/partner round table meeting.

Timeless Trends believes that our corsets are designed for all persons, and we encourage everyone to try one at least once in their lifetime (hello new bucket-list entry); body positivity, inclusiveness and self-confidence is what we all desire.  Let us help you achieve these desires while also taking the time to say, Thank you for being wonderful!

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