Libra vs Gemini...Which are you?

Libra vs Gemini...Which are you?

It has been decided...we are ALL super excited about the launching of our newest corset, the Libra!  The much anticipated arrival of this corset, designed by Lucy's Corsetry, was so worth it; the hype, the teaser posts to social media and finally the actual review from Lucy herself has us over the moon!

There have been so many customer questions regarding the Libra, as well as the Gemini (our first pattern designed by Lucy), since the Libra's release this week.  What are the measurements of the Libra?  Is the Libra made of cotton?  Are the Gemini and Libra the same corset?  Which one is right for my body type?  Because of this, we thought that it would be best to give you all the deets in one place.  You've come to that place!  

Follow the links provided for thorough explanations of each corset followed by links to each corset's YouTube review by Lucy. (Libra details) (Libra YouTube review) (Gemini details) (Gemini YouTube review)

Do your homework and decide.  Are you a Libra or a Gemini?  Please let us know once you've decided!  For us...there is NO way to choose; we LOVE them both!

                                                                                       xo- Timeless Trends


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