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Accessories Starter Bundle (Slim Overbust)

Accessories Starter Bundle (Slim Overbust)

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Introducing the Accessories Starter Bundle. Perfectly complementary to a corset-lover's collection, this bundle is complete with a modesty panel, laces, and storage bag all in the perfect length for slim silhouette overbust corsets.

    These accessories work with all waist sizes, and our bundle eliminates the risk of combining incorrect lengths.

    While this bundle is made to perfectly match Timeless Trends brand corsets, our accessories work with other brands of corsets, too. Upgrade your flimsy modesty panel or drawstring dust bag, and experience the Timeless Trends quality difference.

    At more than 40% off the regular price of the individual accessories, this bundle is an unbeatable value. Complete your look today with the Accessories Starter Bundle!

    Color and fabric options available for Accessories Starter Bundle (regular)

    Storage bag (large size) black floral brocade; red velvet
    Shoestring lacing (OB length) black; white
    Modesty panel (slim OB length)

    black cotton; black cashmere; black satin; beige cotton; white cotton; white satin


    Accessories are Final Sale and not eligible for exchange or return.


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    Accessories are Final Sale and not eligible for exchange or return.

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