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Black Fine Mesh No Line Overbust Corset, Hourglass Silhouette, Regular

Black Fine Mesh No Line Overbust Corset, Hourglass Silhouette, Regular

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 SKU: LOH-167

Timeless Trends does it again, bringing you the No Line Black Mesh corset, now in an overbust! This corset was designed to give you the curves you deserve with a sleek and sinuous fit.  Perfect for stealthing under tight and form fitting outfits.  With the hourglass silhouette you get up to 6" off your waist and can show your curves while wearing your slinkiest evening grown.   This corset is not fragile it has been tested for all day every day wear and it does not give an inch. The overbust is available in 3 cup sizes, and a front bust lacing to fit all your curves.

Made of two layers of our specially sourced fine mesh, with a thinner more flexible  boning that molds to your body for that no line look.  In front we use a rigid steel boning to help hold in the stomach and we only use YKK zippers which are the best quality available.

And if you are looking for that edgy fashion statement - wear it out and see who takes notice. 

*Read more in the expandable content below for more details.*

For additional information on how to use hip, rib and bust springs for sizing see our How To Use Hip and Rib Springs blog.

Sizing overview

  1. Check whether your body type is generally compatible
  2. Take your measurements and follow our size charts
  3. Still not sure? Reach out to us at !

 How will an Hourglass Overbust fit me?

*The hourglass overbusts come in 33 different sizes (11 waist sizes and 3 bust sizes), so they fit a fairly wide range of body types.


Dimensions in Inches


  • Center Front: 15.5”
  • Side Length: 13”
  • Center Back: 15.5”
  • Princess seam (from upper edge, over the curve of the bust to lap): 16"

Springs (all measured from the bottom of the waist tape):

Cup Sizes:

  • Cup sizes for the Hourglass Overbust are based upon your bust measurement and the corset size. You will also need to consider both the front and back lacing gap.
  • To determine your cup size, measure your bust at its fullest. Subtract the corset size from your bust measurement. This is your bust spring. REMEMBER: you have a lacing gap in the back and a lacing gap in the front to consider.
  • EXAMPLE: Your natural waist measures 37" this equals a size 30 in the Hourglass. Your bust measurement is 38". Subtract 30 from 38 = 8 this is your bust spring.
  • You want a snug cup fit with some open front lacing, and a small lacing gap = Small Cup
  • You want a looser cup fit with closed front lacing and no back lacing gap = Medium Cup
  • Or, if math is not your strength, email and we will be happy to assist you.

Corset Contents


  • The number of spiral steel bones vary with sizing.  The size 22 has 24 spiral bones.  Larger sizes will have more
  • Solid steel bones on both sides of the grommets to provide support, thinner than our standard bones for more comfort
  • Flexible long lasting plastic YKK zipper supported on each side with steel bones


  • two layers of strong fine woven corsetry mesh

More features:

  • Adjustable lacing at the bustline
  • Waist tape for added support at the waist line
  • Matching front modesty placket under the busk
  • Comes with a detachable modesty panel in a matching color
  • (mesh corsets do not contain garter loops)
  • Laced with matching single faced satin ribbon


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