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Brown Leather Corset, Slim Silhouette, Long

Brown Leather Corset, Slim Silhouette, Long

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SKU: USL-006 / Manuf #: TUC-248

Nothing is better than a classic brown leather underbust. Featured here in our long cut, this gorgeous corset creates a flattering hourglass figure for longer torsos. A great steampunk corset for cos-players seeking that rustic or industrial look. 


Dimensions in Inches


  • Center front: 13” with 12” busk
  • Side seam: 11”
  • Center back: 14”  
  • Underbust to hip: 11” 

Springs (all measured from the bottom of the waist tape) :

  • Rib spring: 3 inches (about 5.5" above the waistline)
  • Hip spring: 7 inches (about 5” below the waistline)

Hip ties can add up to 6" to the hip spring.

Corset Contents


  • Constructed with 20 flexible spiral steel stays for added comfort and better form
  • 6 spring steel stays supporting the grommets and busk
  • ½ inch wide flexible steel busk front closure (Note: Sizes 40 & 42 have a 1 inch wide flexible steel busk and 4 spring steel stays supporting the grommets)


  • 3 layers of fabric:
  • 2 inner strength layers constructed from high quality cotton twill
  • Outer layer of fabric constructed from genuine leather
  • Middle layer laminated to outer layer of fabric for added strength and a smooth finish

More features:


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